iTrip for iPod nano – neat hack…

iTrip for iPod nano – neat hack…

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I really like Griffin’s iPod accessories, mostly because I think they have the best hackers. The new iPod nano iTrip looks like an excellent piece of engineering, but if you look close at the screen they’re not only use the FM add-on in dock mode (screen says disconnect) – the image which is normally a blinking O with a line through it is replaced with a Griffin logo. Digging in the firmware you find these things, but they’re doing this via the dock connector. Nice hack. I hope to take one apart soon. [via] Link.

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  1. hoot says:

    I received a iPod nano and a griffin iTrip for christmas.

    Yes I was very happy until I tried to use the iTrip. It did not work at all.

    I tried to call the Apple store, and due to the many questions everyone had about ‘their’ gifts was on hold for 45 minutes and finally gave up.

    I went to Best Buy and asked them why I just got a ‘device conected’ message on the screen. The lady said that I needed to contact griffin and get an update to the software.

    I went to their site, found no drive download area, so called tech support. The gentleman I spoke with told me my device was incompatable, and I needed to return it.

    I dug through the trash looking for the box, found it, and put my coat, hat etc. in the laundry, called the giver and asked about the receipt.

    Later, I was downloading music and the iPod updated the software more or less on it’s own. For shits and giggles I plugged the adapter in again. Everything worked perfect. Seems Apple knows more about the adapter than the manufacturer.

    The update was I think 2.0.3 from 2.0.2 or something.

    So – If you are having the same trouble, just update the software before returning your iTrip…

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