Jeri Ellsworth we really really want you at Maker Faire

All of our efforts to contact Jeri Ellsworth haven’t worked out, so we’re devoting a post to this — Jeri, we’d love to have you at Maker Faire, drop us a line! pt AT makezine d0t com.

Jeri remade the 1980’s Commodore 64 8-bit computer called the CommodoreOne – a C64-on-a-card. The video here is her talk at Stanford about the C64 & C-One.

A Toy With a Story – Link.

8 thoughts on “Jeri Ellsworth we really really want you at Maker Faire

  1. DGary says:

    damn Phil, you need a date that bad? lol

    but seriously, she’s something else, like a female Woz sans the beard

    girl knows her stuff

  2. wwward says:

    I have to admit, reading her NYT article brought back memories of my own. The Commodore started it all for me. Rock on.

    Cheers Jeri!


  3. sherab says:

    When my daughter was growing up, I encouraged her to read stories about successful women. If my daughter were young now, I’d encourage her to read Jeri’s story. It’s a great example of believing in yourself and just going out and doing it.
    If you have young daughters then I would also add that you should teach them about money management and to always be skeptical of anything she hears from a man, including and most especially fathers.
    Scientifically I suppose that qualifies as paradox.

  4. hex4def6 says:

    Snap! We’re using Altera Quartus at school at the moment for my digital logic class. The web edition is free by the way.

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