Join Diresta And Friends On Netflix For Some Silly Making Fun

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Join Diresta And Friends On Netflix For Some Silly Making Fun

Today, Netflix announced “Making Fun” a new show starring a bunch of our friends from the maker community. You’ll probably recognize Jimmy Diresta, Graz Makes, Pat Lap, Derek From Malden, and Paul Jackman.

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This looks fantastic! I think it is important to point out and notice that this isn’t a competition. Just some makers having fun.

If this show looks good to you, you need to do yourself a favor and check out Kids Invent Stuff. That’s a youtube channel that looks to have pretty much the exact same premise (where’s their show Netflix?). So while you wait, go watch some of their videos!

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As a matter of fact, you should definitely subscribe to their channel and watch a bunch of their videos. Kids Invent Stuff has been taking this concept – kids suggesting something wild for a maker to build, then actually making it – for over four years now and they’ve got some incredible stuff.

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From a motor powered dolphin you can ride, to a sneeze activated flamethrower helmet.

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Really, the channel is awesome, you should go subscribe if Jimmy’s new show interests you at all. We can’t wait for Jimmy’s show, but we also can’t wait for more Kids Invent Stuff!

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