KiCon, The First KiCad Conference Is Coming To Chicago

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KiCon, The First KiCad Conference Is Coming To Chicago

On April 26 and 27 in Chicago, The very first KiCon is going to be commencing. This event, focused on the open source electronics design software KiCad is going to offer not only a community gathering but crash courses and even talks on advanced topics.  Chris Gammell shared a bit of info on the genesis of this event.

I have been a KiCad user for 5+ years now, making lots of videos and enjoying the progress of the program over time. I had a chance to meet all of the developers at FOSDEM 2018 in Brussels. While I enjoyed hanging out with everyone there, I realized that conference was much more about the software development and I wanted to talk about using the program for designing circuits! After talking to some folks at the end of last year, decided to put out a call for proposals and got some really great talk proposals back

He wasn’t joking around when he said he got great proposals. Just look at the list of talks slated! It looks like you don’t even have to be a user of KiCad to get something out of this event either. Chris assured me that they wanted to supply meaningful information for anyone interested in electronics design or building their own product. There will be experts there from Adafruit, Bantam Tools, Digikey, OSHpark, and more to give key insight into the process of design and manufacture. There will also be a series of introductory lessons for those who are interested, but may not have any experience yet.

This sounds like a welcomed addition to the educational events in our community, we’re eager to see how attendees like it.


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