Kinect + Digital Camera = DIY CGI

Kinect + Digital Camera = DIY CGI

Kaley says: “The team behind the RGB+D Toolkit (an open-source, video game/Final Cut Pro hybrid) is attempting to transform the Kinect gaming console into a real filmmaking tool, making stunning DIY CGI a real possibility. Using a Kinect and a standard DSLR camera, like your Canon 5D, these avant-garde image-makers have created a technique that allows you to generate a true CGI and video hybrid. The results are pretty striking.”

4 thoughts on “Kinect + Digital Camera = DIY CGI

  1. Matt Borgelt says:

    whoever thought it was a good idea to use ear piercing ambient tones should be shot.

  2. Online Camera Store says:

    Capturing these DIY through Canon will have the best result.

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