King Dedede’s Jet Hammer Comes To Life With This Motorized Cosplay

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King Dedede’s Jet Hammer Comes To Life With This Motorized Cosplay
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When it comes to making video game props come to life, it takes a lot to impress us. Trevor from The Toolbox Armory has managed to really make us stop and pay attention with is motorized King Dedede jet hammer.  Just look at that thing in action!

Trevor shared this full gallery of pictures of the build process that you can scroll through to see what went into the construction of this impressive piece. With over 70 images, it may take you a while, but you’ll certainly learn a few things along the way.

King/Masked Dedede and Functional Jet Hammer Build

Trevor learned some things too. He explained a particularly tricky part that he managed to figure out so well that we would have no idea he had issues if it weren’t for his explanation.

I would say one of the toughest parts of the build was coming up with the mechanism for retracting the flame fabric when the “Jet Engine” closes. At first it relied on simple gravity but the hammer had to held so the flame was vertical, this took forever as the fan would die down slowly and was really unreliable (often left some cloth sticking out). After this I tried adding a servo “reel” to pull in the flame cloth with a string, this reliably pulled in all the fabric however, I was unhappy with the results as I thought it still took far too long and made an awful noise. In the end the final mechanism I designed for folding in the flame cloth consisted of a servo with a string pulley attached at the end of the servo arm so that when it closes it folds the cloth in 2 different directions at once in one smooth motion, this pulled in the cloth very quickly and worked flawlessly pretty much every time.

it turned out really well, as you can see in this comparison

Here it is with gravity only

Motorized Jet Hammer Test 1 (King Dedede)

and here it is after he figured out the servo mechanism

Motorized Jet Hammer – Final Servo Mechanism (King Dedede)


you can follow Trevor on Twitter and be sure to keep an eye on his website to see what he builds next.



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