Leatherman tool prototypes

Leatherman tool prototypes

Via PopMech: these early prototypes of Leatherman tools. Starting with cardboard, then moving to wood, then finally a crude (compared with the final result!) metal example.

In the Maker Shed:



Make: Open Sourcerer – Leatherman Juice CS4 Tool

Our Price: $74.95

MAKE’s very own limited edition Leatherman tool, the Open Sourcerer. This is our branded version of the Leatherman Juice CS4 Tool. Fourteen tools in one, including pliers, straight knife, wire cutters, scissors, five screwdrivers, a bottle opener and a corkscrew.

2 thoughts on “Leatherman tool prototypes

  1. Alan Blue says:

    I’d think it would be more in the spirit to Make one.

    Let’s see, two sturdy U-shaped rails with holes in the end. Designed to hold a carriage bolt locked with a nut on the far side so the blades can be swapped.

    Then offer a box of blades and other tools that can fit and a variety of sizes for the handles.

    Want a Make multitool with a nipper instead of pliers? Want a magnifying glass? Magnet-o-a-stick? Want one with zero knives because you fly a lot? Need a collet for hex-based tool assortments? Or a telescoping mirror? Pencil?

    With the Make multitool, your imagination is the limit.

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