LED sphere lamp

LED sphere lamp

From the MAKE Flickr pool

Member Synoptic Labs made this very blue lamp with a ProLight 5-Watt LED –

Today while cleaning up the lab I came across a little blue ball lamp thing which was my first ever LED project some many years ago. I had found the little guy at a garage sale and later swapped out the incandescent light bulb inside of him with a small array of 22 blue super-bright LED’s.Not really knowing any better at the time, I had wired all 22 LED’s up in parallel with each other, all of them “sharing” one resistor. Ah how naive. No wonder the lamp got progressively dimmer and dimmer over the years as the LED’s fought each other over current, seeing which of them could burn itself out first. For fun and nostalgia today I decided to revisit my little blue ball lamp and do it proper (or at least more proper). I yanked out the (now half-dead) 22-LED array and replaced it with a 5-watt blue power LED.

– Cool, looks a bit like a bob-ombLink

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