Listen To History Makers With Dr. Lucy Rogers

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Listen To History Makers With Dr. Lucy Rogers


There’s a new and interesting podcast popping up that you should give a chance. This is History Makers with Dr. Lucy Rogers. Brought to us by RS technology, this podcast separates itself from the rest of the tech podcasts by having a strong comedic slant. Co hosted by comedians, the podcast is riddled with factual history and comedic quips to keep you amused.

Episode one is the only one available so far, but it is quite amusing. Dr. Lucy Rogers is joined by comedians Bec Hill and a “robot” voiced by Harriet Braine to talk about the history of wireless communications, touching on topics such as Guglielmo Marconi and Hedy Lamarr as well as Harry Potter and Brexit.

Keep in mind, this is equal parts comedy and history, so expect typical comedic license and language.

You can find it on Itunes and Podbean or just give a listen below.


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