Live: Maker Faire Nantes

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Live: Maker Faire Nantes

Here you will find a live feed of the sights and sounds of Maker Faire Nantes! Check back all weekend for updates and incredible sights. The newest pictures go at the top, so scroll to the bottom to find the beginning.



Before the Faire closed, I purchased a book of concept art from the amazing creatures at La Machine. Francois Delaroziere (the creator of the animals) couldn’t just sign my book, he left us with a Maker Faire robot to remind us of the wonderful time we had in Nantes.


And with that, Maker Faire Nantes is over until next year.



The giant spider keeps walking around. The movement is surprisingly fluid and amazingly choreographed, especially considering that a different person runs each leg!DSC01532

It is hard to judge in this picture, but that mechanical squid is just large enough for a person to ride on its back. when they turn dials, the tentacles move.


These wooden “prosthetics” allow you to experience life like an animal. There were also massive rabbit ears (that required a metal gantry to hold up) as well as bird beaks.


A robot band jamming out.


3D printing with expanding foam using industrial robot arms. At the event they were making giraffes, but they also showed videos of printing little shacks in just a few hours.

Up close with Dirk the vagrant robot. It is really surprising how convincing his motion is.


This tree’s leaves are all old vinyl. I wouldn’t mind having one of those in my yard.

Day Two has begun!

Sunday has come. The Faire is kicking again and it is time for more pictures! more updates coming soon.

After the sun went down, the lights came on and this Maker Faire was still very alive.


Here’s an example of the drawing robot’s portraiture. very cool – caleb


This drawing robot does really cool portraits of people. I’ve seen a lot of drawing robots but this one has a strangely organic quality to the drawings. It also looks really cute as the little web cam looks at the person, then back down at the paper repeatedly during the process – caleb



The serpent twins are resting in their tent between demos. Gotta rest some time! – caleb


Inmoov is here, and very popular. Check out this 360 degree view featuring them(click it and open it on facebook to look around)!


This hand carved marionnete of a praying mantis is a bit more traditional than the big hydraulic beasts made by Les Machines (our hosts). The movement is very fun to watch, its easy to forget that the guys standing near by are pulling the strings – caleb



This vagrant is actually a robot. The motion is incredibly convincing as he shuffles around with his shopping cart. He stops to beg and if you place a coin in his hand, he cranks his music box for a few minutes for your amusement. I honestly think you could confuse this bot as a real person from across the street, the movement is really well done. – caleb


Maker Faire Nantes began with a roaring trumpet from the astonishing massive elephant. This beast is a true work of art and engineering. It is hydraulically powered to walk around (yes, it rolls, but the legs do make a walking motion) and its skin is all hand-carved wood. It is truly gorgeous and I can’t help but stop and stare every time it goes by.  – caleb














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