Live Updates From Maker Faire Calgary

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Live Updates From Maker Faire Calgary

We’re just opening the gates at Maker Faire Calgary! There are so many amazing things to see here, this weekend is going to be so much fun. Keep your eyes on this post as I’ll be updating it all weekend with pictures, links, and interviews with makers.

I’ll post the newest stuff at the top, so refresh often!

Illicit Metalwork demonstrated some techniques for casting aluminum. They had these intricate structures made by pouring the liquid metal into ant hills.

My presentation on why you should be Lazy, Egotistical, and not particularly smart.

I tried to do a tour of the entire faire. I couldn’t go outside because my connection died, but I did manage to get the inside pretty well.

Lindsey from CreativeKoi brought her home made custom cosplay stuff. She had all kinds of molds and props that she made to turn herself into a hobit. You never know what things you’ll learn at Maker Faire, and I learned that if you’re going to cast your feet for shoes, you can’t just prop them up and relax, because the foot shape will be all wrong for walking!

can you believe all these sculptures are made from kitchen colanders?

Tapigami is always such a pleasure to find at Maker Faire.

I could stand and watch the ferro fluid displays from Ferronetik all day long. I just might.

Erassmus Designs has been building props that are insanely detailed. This ship from the movie Aliens really caught my attention. Then again, that movie was space nerd + horror dork heaven, so it is no surprise I’m a fan.

Medhi from the youtube channel electroBOOM gave a fun talk about fake youtube videos and free energy machines. It is so hard to tell when he’s fumbling as part of his act or if he needs a hand!

Playing in Augmented Reality was pretty cool. It looks a little better in person than it does through the camera.

Melanie Long really had some interesting glass pieces. At a quick glance you might overlook what is happening, pay attention to that white deer head.

Candace Bruins brought this very eclectic collection of projects, I really loved the fireplace sweater that had an Ipad embedded, though her eyeball dress was pretty amusing.

The League of Extraordinary Makers created the effect of having a small art show within the maker faire. The work here is so incredible.

Dianna brought these fantastic wire-wrapped and led Lit wearable works. They’re super impressive and I think I’ll have to go back and visit her after the sun goes down to see all of the lights in their full effect.

I was totally blown away by these masks made using a 3d printing pen. there was such a wide variety of effects and results. Some looked like ice, some ceramic, etc, but all made with 3d printing pens. You can find more by following Art By Baha on instagram

This family makes hard candy by hand. The flavors aren’t necessarily the typical fair either.

I could have spent a few hours just staring at the details in these models. The Rocky Mountain Model club really brought some impressive stuff!

The young women from Robots R Fun brought such an incredible display of awesome things. Such an inspiration. I hope I’m as cool as them when I grow up.

A young maker had been at this exhibit for most of the morning. She poses here with her shadow banana

WP Puppet Theatre does hands-on shadow puppet activites such as pup-up events and educational settings.

wendy and Chris showed me how kids and build things from scrap and put on a show right here at the event.

Makers Making Change designs and helps get helpful things to people with physical disabilities. I really liked this slide while Zee Kesler was talking. It shows how things don’t have to be complicated to be helpful.

Bob from CountryG 3D was here showing off. He primarily does design work for people who want 3d printed things. These butterflies he’s holding were, in my opinion, genius! They cover holes in your screen and came from the brilliant mind of Faye, his wife. I need some of those!

This electric motorcycle was built as a school project at University of Calgary. The blue bike body here is mostly custom fiberglass and the drive system is all built by the students. This display isn’t operational at the Faire (the batteries were out) but I did get to see some of the molds they were using for the new carbon fiber version their working on. The team doing the build are roughly 20 members. What a cool project to do at school.

As usual, the Nerdy Derby was instantly packed. People love building their own little cars to race on the down hill track.

Sean Kelly was showing me his cool robot. It can let you dial in and be at home when you’re away. You could drive around, check stuff out, and talk to people!

The front doors just opened and the crew is busy making t-shirts! They’re finishing up shirts for the crew and then they’ll start letting makers do their own screen printing.


I got to grab Dale before he was pulled into discussions with teachers. Here’s a quick run around to get the lay of the land. More details coming soon!

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