Live Updates: Maker Faire Detroit 2018

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Live Updates: Maker Faire Detroit 2018

Maker Faire Detroit is always an incredible blast and, barreling into it’s 9th year, it isn’t slowing down. The gates have opened, the crowd is growing, and things are really starting to get crazy.  I’ll be updating this page with videos and images all weekend, so keep checking back! The newest stuff will be on top.

And Maker Faire Detroit is over! What a fantastic faire. As usual, even though I walked around the faire for a solid two days, talking to as many makers as possible, I still feel like I didn’t see everything! This event truly does inspire me to go home and build wonderful things. The Henry Ford is an inspiring location and the Detroit maker attitudes really shine.


I heard a commotion and look who popped around the corner!


This project from protofusion was really cool. you talk into the microphone and the system guesses what you said off a basic library and plots the waveform in a circle. Really fun to watch.

The Great lakes Ghostbuster Coalition had a very big showing of buster gear. People can’t help but smile when they see the ghost busters walking around.

Dr Nitro teaching science through liquid nitrogen!



I captured this insightful panel on the obstacles and experiences that young women entering STEM face.


I took a stroll around the outer edges of the Faire. Unfortunately, my internet connection was a bit spotty so It was a bit of a struggle to get good video.

Day Two

Yesterday was an absolute blast. I’ve just arrived for day two as the gates are opening and I hope I get to see everything today. There is just so much!


Always fun to see the Tesla Orchestra. This display is 4 coils all working in unison to make music. It really gets you going!


Laser dancing!

The Detroit area modern quilt guild had some impressive works of art on display. Thousands of hours of work went into the quilts that were hanging on this wall.

Just look at all these kids on typewriters! many have never touched one before. It was fun hearing the parents standing back saying “I had to learn on one just like that in school”.


I walked around inside for a bit and did a live stream! Join this stream for bots, 3d printers, unicorns, and jedi!

these little guys were driving around the coolest kids car I’ve ever seen. Forget buying your kids a power-wheels, get them a beautiful hand crafted zwegersmotors vehicle! It doesn’t look like he is selling them yet but I suspect he will either in full car or kit form. This is just so cool.

This robot dragon blows bubbles! If you listen closely, you can also hear it fart.


The Pewabic street team is here doing some live firing of ceramics. This stuff is so beautiful and the change in how it looks is incredibly drastic.


I like to walk around the faire once when I get here to get a feeling for what is going on. As I passed a table with some Edison cylinders, a person with a trumpet came up and they did a recording! I’d never seen that done before and just had to share. So cool. I’ll go back by there for a bit more in-depth info.

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