Live: World Maker Faire New York 2018

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Live: World Maker Faire New York 2018

And that’s a wrap from Maker Faire New York 2018!

Here you will find the live (at the time) video stream as well as a tons of pictures and antics from around the faire. Newest stuff is at the top.

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The carnage from a weekend of Hand of Man car crushing is seriously impressive. —Tyler Winegarner
Katelyn from the Evan and Katelyn YouTube channel pilots the giant robot hand. —Tyler Winegarner
Laura Kampf and Estefannie Explains It All enjoying some laughs at DIY Content Creators Stage. – Jess Hobbs
The Cotton Candy robot from kid-based maker club “Big Hero 6 Egyptian Robotics Team” made it to NYC! I got to see this at Maker Faire Cairo earlier this year, it was one of my favorite exhibits there. —Mike Senese
Digikey is running a well attended workshop about programming your Micro:Bit. —Mike Senese
Ad Hoc Art’s Creative ConsTruck(t)s. Oh my god, I’m so in love! – Caleb Kraft

Marvin is a formidable AI-powered Connect Four machine, and if the game tally is any indication, it’s been trouncing the competition. – Craig Couden
High School students Benjamin Lehrer and Jonathan Roach built Marvin and programmed the AI. – Craig Couden
Anthony Jacino’s Ben Hur Motorized recreates the epic chariot race from the classic film in miniature. – Craig Couden
Not to mention the shrine in the back behind the race track. – Craig Couden
When viewed from the right angle, each of these cubes show the image of an apple. But try to take one and the apple disappears as the screens black out. – Craig Couden
Snapships are like Lego for cool spaceships. Made up of modular 3D printed pieces, they had tons of wings, engines, an fuselages for Faire-goers to build their dream starships. – Craig Couden
World’s first digital desktop Vacuum Former — Vaquform. – DC Denison

I happened to be wandering through one of our secret staff areas and I stumbled upon the cosplay and prop contest! – caleb kraft

Dhareza, Becka Noel, Jackie Craft, and Darrell aka Broken Nerd are deep in the process of judging the competitors in the cosplay contest. That is such a difficult job!  – caleb kraft

Andy from Akron hackerspace proudly displays his blue ribbon for SkeeBowl, a giant bowling-ball-sized skeeball game. —Mike Senese
Freshly cut aluminum at Wazer. – DC Denison
Forty-eight of the materials that Wazer water jet cuts. Note that Atlanta is a Coke can; Detroit is Motown vinyl, etc. – DC Denison
Back to the Pixel era at Silly Rabbit Crafts. – DC Denison
Forge is at 2200ºF to start the day at Modern Forge. -DC Denison
Hackers wanted at Brandeis Maker Lab. “Please touch everything!” – DC Denison
Al fresco ballet workshop at Maker Faire. – DC Denison
Hand of Man creator Christian Ristow clears the wreckage of another crushed car. —Mike Senese
Prusa’s new SL1 resin-based 3D printer has impressive resolution — no layer lines visible at all on this one. —Mike Senese
How adorable is this? A multicolor 3D print of a Make: magazine, from Pallette 2 creators Mosaic. —Mike Senese
Everything but the rails on this N-gauge railroad by Jason Kelly are 3D printed. —Mike Senese
Hit the target, get more fire! —Mike Senese
Stick Together was showing off their collaborative pixel art posters. – Craig Couden
Squares in the grid are labeled with letters each corresponding to a different color. – Craig Couden
Fat Cat Fab Lab brought this giant music sequencer and this young maker was feeling the beat. The giant lever in the back controlled the speed of the wheel. – Craig Couden
The folks at GenkiGoth make pop culture-based stencil art, and had a stenciling station set up for people to try it out. – Craig Couden
Hack Manhattan brought a bunch or different touchtone phone-based adventure games. Themes ranged from D&D to getting a cable company to fix your service. – Craig Couden
The sign said this was a robot building station, but clearly stacking the rocks was more fun. – Craig Couden
I didn’t think anything could make diet soda less appealing, but this rheoscopic fluid from Island Labs, Inc Makerspace does the trick. – Craig Couden
NYSCI had kids hammering nails to show how far they had come for the Faire. – Craig Couden
Googly eyes have struck again! – Craig Couden
Get inspired for upcoming holidays. Meet AndysTechGarage and learn how to make your own Pumpkinstein @makerfaire —Jess Hobbs


Watch coverage from Saturday at Maker Faire

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Gareth Branwyn interviews an all-star lineup of makers on the DIY Content Creators Stage. —Mike Senese
Aerial acrobatics, a beautiful new addition to WMFNY this year. —Mike Senese
One of the TURF Inc urban street dance battle participants shows a crazy amount of flexiblity. —Mike Senese
Mural art truck painting, happening live. —Mike Senese
A beautiful day to fly a kite that you just made yourself, at Maker Faire NY 2018 —Mike Senese
Eben from Tapigami adds to the growing masking tape sculpture. —Mike Senese

Adam Savage just can’t stop breaking stuff, in the name of science. We’re thrilled that the Mythbusters Jr team joined us at Maker Faire!
Another happy Maker Faire attendee (right) gets to control the Hand of Man. —Jun Lerea
Christian Ristow’s Hand of Man gets ready to drop another car. The ground shakes when the falling car hits it — it’s very pleasing. —Mike Senese
The Make: membership booth is looking good! A great way to support the maker community. —Mike Senese
Game of Fire — throw a ball and hit the target and you’re rewarded with an explosion of fire. —Mike Senese
iRa, by Debbie Moore, is a glass and stone mosaic art piece. She told us that it cost her nearly $5000 to build it. —Mike Senese
This is the nicest drill-powered motorbike build I’ve seen yet. —Mike Senese
DIY Robocars challenges you to best their AI-driven RC vehicles around the track. —Mike Senese
Donato Millano’s creation, the mobile camera mount for motor vehicles. A wireless remote lets you pan and tilt the camera while the mount’s magnetic and suction-powered base hold it tight to the top of your car. I’d use this for storm chasing. Maybe. —Mike Senese
London-based 5AxisMaker shows off their brand new machine, said to be capable of milling aluminum. —Mike Senese
Young makers getting inspired by the Rotomill, a 3-axis CNC lathe. —Mike Senese
Longtime Maker Fair partner Tormach brings an impressive milled aluminum baseball cap to their booth. —Mike Senese
Ninja Robot’s Hackable Modular CNC can mill, laser engrave, 3D print, and more. —Mike Senese
The CanNibble is a drill powered nibbler attachment that can chew through almost anything with no sparks or distortion. -Mike Senese
Ala’din and Mohamed bring their flexible-circuit startup Mell Bell to WMFNY from Jordan. Look for them on Kickstarter imminently. —Mike Senese
Jacob “Rocket” LaRocca of Artisans Asylum with his custom bike. “It’s pretty, curvey, and chrome.” – DC Denison
At a manufacturing workshop by Dragon Innovation. – DC Denison
Art installation Urban Echo uses hanging transparent sound globes to “explore our relationship with technology.” – DC Denison
At faceOdd Wearable Art Masks. – DC Denison
Cardboard pinball action at PinBox 3000. – DC Denison
Troxes. “Where Origami meets Lego.” – DC Denison
A crowdsourced 3D-printed George Washington: 110 printed pieces contributed to We the Builders. – DC Denison
We The Builders also had this crowdsourced caricature bust of Edgar Allan Poe on hand. – Craig Couden
“Death,” one of the “FurReal Horses of the Apocalypse,” by Rose Byrne. Each of the four animatronic horses was covered with fake plastic nails – Jon Christian
War, Pestilence…
and Famine. – Craig Couden
Jeff Moffitt, of Iron Horse Cinema, shows off a replica of a League of Legends item he made. – Jon Christian
Mohammad Malhas shows off a flexible microcontroller he’s developing at his company, MellBell Electronics. – Jon Christian
BloomEngine is an automated grow chamber for plants, with auto watering, ventilation and a tiny light for photosynthesis. – Jon Christian
We were super impressed with this young maker’s intensity as she wrecked a car with the Hand of Man. – Jon Christian
#SquadGoals with R2-D2 replicas. – Jon Christian
Cassette tapes recycled into doll houses by Nicole Majewski. – Jon Christian
A young maker tries out handcrafted musical instruments by Maker Hart Industry Corp. – Jon Christian
Electric Scrapeboard is a DDR-style game played on a skateboard. – Jon Christian
Barb, from Cosplay Large and Small, shows off an enormous wrench she built. – Jon Christian

I’m not sure what Paul Jackman is carving for Arbortech, but it is really fun watching him do it!  – caleb kraft

Wow, “Hand of Man” is pretty intense. That giant steel hand is being piloted by a little kid… and he picked up a car! -caleb kraft

Self portrait with one other guy, in front of a Walabot sensor. Really powerful sensor — sensing through walls in the Maker Pavilion. —DC Denison
Maker Pipe owner David Schlitter eating his own dogfood. Standing on a Maker Pipe stool, in front of a Maker Pipe table. In the Maker Pavilion. —DC Denison
Can you tell the people from FabShop are from Japan? Cool Prototyping System in the Fabrication neighborhood at MFNY. —DC Denison
They are cutting metal with water in the Maker Pavilion. A close-up inside a ProtoMAX abrasive waterjet system. —DC Denison


Some people know that Maker Faire can be overwhelming at times. Napland is a place where you can go to calm down, chill in a hammock, sit around a faux fire, and maybe take a nap. – caleb kraft

I captured a quick phone video of one of these low tech zoetropes. Pretty incredible results and a great activity to do at home. You just need to print out a template, cut slits, and tape it together. – caleb kraft

love low tech zoetropes! – caleb kraft

I grabbed some slow motion video of the flaming saxiphone guy! Get used to the slo-mo, I love that stuff – caleb kraft

Gualala gadget makes these really cool tiny marble machines- caleb kraft


Michelle Puhl Price has been making puppets for some time. Her skill really shows – caleb kraft


The gates are open! The front gates were packed as last-minute makers rushed to get their gear in and set up. To keep everyone amused while we wait for the gates to open, we have all kinds of craziness happening. This is the start of the day and such a wonderful feeling each time. – caleb kraft


This massive “ski bowl” is much harder than it looks. Those bowling balls are heavy and they lose so much momentum before the jump. – caleb kraft

Origami 2 Go, by Sue Hansen and family. When you absolutely need to take origami with you. There’s something captivating about these tiny cranes in a necklace bottle – Caleb Kraft
I’m such a sucker for Bose’s Bose Build speaker system. These 3D printed bodies crack me up. I know it’s silly, I can’t help it. -Caleb Kraft
Tiny planet by Benjamin Cowden is actually a moving sculpture. Mesmerizing to watch – Caleb Kraft
Fresh off the press: Jimmy Diresta designed and printed his own Maker Faire New York 2018 postcards. Gorgeous. —Tyler Winegarner
And the back of the Diresta Maker Faire post card.
From yesterday’s Make: Education Forum: Author Ted Dintersmith inspires the crowd with proposals on how to reformat education policy. —Mike Senese
Christian Ristow’s Hand of Man and the NySci rocket collection peer over the treetops as sunrise illuminates the morning clouds. It’s looking like a gorgeous day for a Maker Faire. —Jess Hobbs


Relive the magic of our Saturday live stream in its entirety here:

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