Magnetic Tape Violin Bow Plays Captured Sounds

I’m fascinated by this ingenious use of recycling from musician Laurie Anderson, pointed out by our friends at RePlayGround.

Musician Laurie Anderson has her own spin on reusing tape to create new sound. She created a violin bow strung with magnetic audio tape instead of horse hair. By drawing the bow across the violin strings, she can play the sound captured on the section of tape backwards and forwards.

Read more about how Laurie stretched the tape to play one phrase when drawn down on the strings and another when pushed forward.

4 thoughts on “Magnetic Tape Violin Bow Plays Captured Sounds

  1. chris says:

    Such an awesome idea. I’m curious about what it sounds like / the effect when played!

  2. Boinga says:

    It’s a clever idea, but, according to the site, this was an April Fools joke.

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