Make a clipboard from an old LCD screen

Make a clipboard from an old LCD screen



Matt Taylor in the UK made a clipboard out of a non-working LCD screen. Matt says, “Possibly the most expensive clipboard ever made, except NASA have probably made something a lot better.” (No link, just photos above.)

6 thoughts on “Make a clipboard from an old LCD screen

  1. hex4def6 says:

    Be careful; the chemicals used in LCDs are pretty noxious. Since an LCD is not exactly the paragon of strength, especially under point loading (such as from a pen), you may end up leaking that stuff.

  2. n3ldan says:

    Yeah, jeez, looks like the screen is gon’ leak…

  3. steelrazor says:

    Aaah! Well, it seems quite sturdy this one, and to be honest i’m probably not going to use it that much.

    Just seems a shame to chuck it away hehe.

    Luckily i’ve not put these bad boys into full production or else there’d be a product recall!

    Thanks for the advice! I shall handle with care. (Mind you working in a school as an IT Tech, kids like to do stuff like poke screens and rip out mice, hence we usually purchase glass screen lcd’s).

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