Make a pocket LED cube – Weekend Project PDFcast

Make a pocket LED cube – Weekend Project PDFcast

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This is one of those projects that fell together perfectly. Recently I traveled around Europe with some friends on a tour of hacker spaces and one of the hacker spaces that we visited was Das Labor ( Two of the hackers there, Peter and Martin, have been making these amazing LED cubes that were 5x5x5 and 8x8x8. They had even made a cube with RGB LEDs that blew our minds. These things were so cool we just had to make one! I had Mitch Altman and fellow hacker tour adventurer George Shammas over to make a plan to get parts and order everything we would need and quickly we realized we could hack Lady Ada’s awesome and open source minipov3 to use it as a microcontroller platform and create a super simple 3x3x3 cube. You can make one too! – PDF Link

Here’s the link to the programs you’ll need to load up your Pocket LED Cube with our little animations, look at these and make your own! – Zip File Link

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24 thoughts on “Make a pocket LED cube – Weekend Project PDFcast

  1. v42bis says:

    The colors for a 47 ohm resistor is Yellow-Violet-Black. In the video the last color was Brown, that would be 470 ohms.


  2. maltman23 says:

    It is supposed to be 47 ohms: Yellow-Violet-Black.


  3. noob_for_life says:

    The last picture in the PDF shows four wires–one with the 47 ohm resistor–coming out of the processor socket.

    What do they connect to? I assume they go to the cathodes. But

    (a) Does the one with the resistor connect to somewhere special?
    (b) How do I decide which cathodes (or whatever) they connect to?
    (c) Do you have a recommended starting point for someone just starting out.


  4. noob_for_life says:

    (c) really should be read as “If it is my choice which cathodes to connect, what spots would be good places to begin? Corners?

    Thanks again

  5. Justin says:

    what is the 47ohm resistor connected to? is it a certain level of the cathodes?

  6. andrew says:

    2 questions
    1)the wires on the back of the pov kit, do they go to the cathodes or to the anodes?
    2)could you build a 4x4x4 or a 5x5x5 using the pov kit?

  7. Lehel says:

    Can you help me to program my ATtiny2313 cause when i type the make program-ledcube.c i get an error that : No such file or directory/input file auto detected as invalid format

  8. seeker says:

    I don’t see where to attach the 9th anode, cathode and resistor onto the miniPOV3 kit.

    Can anyone help?


  9. Sticky says:

    Hey guys, if you want to make your animations loop, replace this code in your .c file:

    int j = 0;
    do {
    } while (pgm_read_byte(&imageTab[j].imageDuration) != 0);

    With this modified code:

    int j = 0;
    do {
    if (pgm_read_byte(&imageTab[j].imageDuration) != 0)
    j = 0;
    } while (1);

    I couldn’t find info on how to loop the animations anywhere else on the net, so i figured this might help someone out there who was struggling like me to find a solution.

  10. Ming Ming Ming says:

    does anyone has the link to this?
    the link above doesn’t seem to work.


  11. Ming Ming Ming says:

    Hi, does anyone has a link to the pdf above?
    that link doesn’t seem to work anymore.


  12. M B says:

    Hi the link doesn’t work. Could you replace the old by the working new one??
    I will be grateful.

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