Make a pocket LED cube – Weekend Project PDFcast

Make a pocket LED cube – Weekend Project PDFcast

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This is one of those projects that fell together perfectly. Recently I traveled around Europe with some friends on a tour of hacker spaces and one of the hacker spaces that we visited was Das Labor ( Two of the hackers there, Peter and Martin, have been making these amazing LED cubes that were 5x5x5 and 8x8x8. They had even made a cube with RGB LEDs that blew our minds. These things were so cool we just had to make one! I had Mitch Altman and fellow hacker tour adventurer George Shammas over to make a plan to get parts and order everything we would need and quickly we realized we could hack Lady Ada’s awesome and open source minipov3 to use it as a microcontroller platform and create a super simple 3x3x3 cube. You can make one too! – PDF Link

Here’s the link to the programs you’ll need to load up your Pocket LED Cube with our little animations, look at these and make your own! – Zip File Link

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