Make a Repstrap (Part 2) – Weekend Projects PDFcast

Repstrap Screen Shots

Here’s what the underside of the bot looks like. You can see the iron pipes that work as a base, the lasercut platforms, and the skate bearings that make it move silky smooth.

Zach of the Reprap foundation has done a lot of work to get ordering the Repstrap’s parts organized. He’s put together a really easy way to order the stuff from McMaster Carr. I chose regular shipping and it arrived the next day in NYC and then I brought everything to Europe to work on in a Pelican case. – Link

Jay's Making a Reprap photo set
Photo Credit: Jay

In the PDF you can read about some of the obstacles overcome in making this bot, but those aside, the best part of this project was the awesome team that pulled together to work on it. The folks at Metalab, GRL Vienna, and Monochrom came together to make this project happen. At one time there were about 12 people all working on the project at 3 in the morning and the focus and excitement in the air was tangible. This project is on the same level as the drawbot and the near-space balloon. In all three of these projects, I’ve made great new friends out of sheer necessary and desperate collaboration. It’s been super fun! I recommend doing ambitious projects as a team!

I got my steppers donated to me from Marius at the metalab. They were sourced from 2 broken printers and a scanner. The important thing when you are looking for bipolar steppers is that they have 4 wires coming out of them. This indicates that they are bipolar steppers.

There is more information about steppers for you to check out here. – Link

Dowload the PDF and start ordering up your parts to get your Repstrap robot hardware going! – PDF Link

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