Make a Semi-Auto K’NEX gun

Make a Semi-Auto K’NEX gun


Don’t let yourself be caught without a weapon when the zombies invade.

Stretch each rubber band from the tip of the barrel to the white pin, only put one rubber band on each white pin. after loaded (doesn’t have to be fully loaded, you dont have to put on all 8 rubber bands each time you fire) pull the trigger, theres 8 trigger so you have to move your finger up every shot. – Link

4 thoughts on “Make a Semi-Auto K’NEX gun

  1. SonicReducer says:

    wow, my brother and i were making these a few days ago, time to pull out the giant box of k’nex (and legos mixed in, but i already yelled at my mom for that mistake)

  2. ehrichweiss says:

    oh hell yeah, I bought my son a huge tub of these for xmas, I’m gonna raid his collection now and he’ll wish he had played with them more often…hehehehe

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