Make a Trebuchet – Make: PDF Podcast

Make a Trebuchet – Make: PDF Podcast

Trebuchet Clips

A trebuchet is kind of like a catapult, but it’s optimized with a sling and a hinged counterweight to make it more effective.

Download the pdf to learn the basics of making a paperclip trebuchet and a medium sized trebuchet that can throw eggs.

Trebuchet6 500

Cut your lumber,l drill holes, and screw it all together!


Add a remote control servo to launch the trebuchet from a distance!

Trebuchet5 500

You can use trebstar software to test it out first!

The paperclip trebuchet was inspired by this awesome instructable – Link

Watch the video and make sure to download the pdf to get all the juicy details. Or subscribe in itunes and it will be downloaded automatically for you! – PDF Link

6 thoughts on “Make a Trebuchet – Make: PDF Podcast

  1. Dirkus says:

    Here’s a related link: A site called FryersKits ( used to have a free cardpaper trebuchet kit. Unfortunately, their site has fallen into disrepair. After a bit of hunting around, I managed to find a copy of the plans (THANKS TAYLOR!) and have posted a copy at:

    The design credit lies soley with FryersKits, I’ve just posted a copy since a large part of their site is 404’d.

    (mods: sorry if this post appears as a double/triple/septuple post, apparently it was jammed up in your spam filters the first few times I tried to post it.)

  2. DGary says:

    we used to make em out of paperclips and dry erasers in highschool, the good ones could clear most of the distance of the room, but most only nailed the person in front of you.

  3. Pioneering Trebuchet - says:

    […] magazine features a video and PDF on making a Trebuchet; a historic throwing device.  the MAKE resources feature directions for making a tiny version from […]

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