MAKE and CRAFT: Now with more huggable trees

MAKE and CRAFT: Now with more huggable trees

Make & Craft Magazines Embrace
Recycled Paper


— All future issues will feature 30% post-consumer recycled content paper —

Our Benevolent Overlords at O’Reilly Media have announced that future issues of both MAKE and CRAFT (starting with volumes 12 and 5 respectively) will have 30% recycled paper content (up from the 10% currently being used). As Dale Dougherty put it:

“We’re always encouraging our readers to make the most of what they already have–to find new uses for things they might otherwise throw away,” explained Dale Dougherty, Editor and Publisher of Make and Craft. “So when it comes to recycling–why not take that advice ourselves?”

Yay trees, breathable air, and conserved power! Yay O’Reilly Media!

Make and Craft Embrace Recycled Paper – Link

4 thoughts on “MAKE and CRAFT: Now with more huggable trees

  1. McGurk says:

    1) Trees are a crop. Paper is made from trees grown for the sole purpose of making paper. Using recycled paper neither increases the number of trees or the ammount of oxygen in the air.

    2) Recycled paper costs more than paper made from trees. Why is this? Its because recycled paper takes more energy to manufacture than paper made from trees. That means you are WASTING energy by using recycled paper.

    Congrats, guys, you fucking FAIL at environment. Tho you win at craft, so at least keep it up. Since I’m not a dirtbag hippie eco-worshoper, I don’t give a fuck if you print MAKE on the backs of freshly-clubbed baby seals. Just keep MAKEing.

  2. cyenobite says:

    Wow, who pissed in your cornflakes this morning Coach McGurk?

    For a more “civil” debate on the benefits of recycling check out this wikipedia article.

    I for one am GLAD that Make has chosen to use more post-consumer paper. Don’t stop at 30% though… keep goin! :)

  3. sohcahtoa says:

    I’m with cyenobite, bravo & keep on upping that percentage! :)

  4. zzag says:

    The subject having been so passionately debated for so many years leads me to think that it’s still too close to call.

    This is an opportunity Make; you have your benchmark. If your costs stay the same or go down, you can report that recycling is the way. If your costs go up, there has to be a reason… more chemicals had to be used or more energy was used; there has to be a reason.

    Make magazine is a keeper and therefore sustainable with or without the effort.

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