Make and Mend: Platform21’s repair manifesto

Make and Mend: Platform21’s repair manifesto

MZ_MakeAndMend-Badge.gifI found this cool manifesto while digging through the dusty shelves of the MAKE Flickr pool, and thought it was particularly apropos given that this is Make and Mend month! Most excellent. What do you think readers? What would you add or take away?

4 thoughts on “Make and Mend: Platform21’s repair manifesto

  1. sburlappp says:

    You can download a more readable/printable version here:

  2. Maker Mark says:

    This looks very much like the poster I got from the iFixit booth at the Detroit Maker Faire. It needs on the list “If you can’t tear it apart you don’t own it”

    Love that poster.

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