Make: Beta Team — Application Window Closed

The response to our call for MAKE Beta Team applications has been overwhelming, which we are thrilled about.  But we received over 1100 applications thus far, all good, and we feel that we have more than enough to review and allocate for now.

So, while we work through our current pool of applicants, we are suspending the entry form.  We apologize if we missed you, but if you would like to stay in touch about the MAKE Beta Program, please enter your name and email address here, and we will keep you posted.  Thank you for your interest!


6 thoughts on “Make: Beta Team — Application Window Closed

  1. Thomas S. says:

    Aww shoot. Didn’t even know about it!!! Any way you can squeeze an electronics loving HS student in??? Really want to do this!!!

    1. Make: Beta Team — Application Window Closed Paul Spinrad says:

      You can still go to the form and fill in your contact info for future ref– this won’t be our last call, and we’re figuring out other relevant things.

  2. Make: Beta Team — Application Window Closed Paul Spinrad says:

    UPDATE (sort of) – Given our 1100+ applications, we’re getting all of the data into a for-realz database and tagging some of it up by hand, and meanwhile also moving the records into a mailing list management system – there’s some concern that my personal email account might get shut down if I try sending out another mass-email from it. This should (don’t you love the word “should”?) happen early next week, at which point we’ll send out a status update and tangible next steps. I’m sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience!

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