Make: Day event photos

Make: Day event photos

Make: Day was a huge success this weekend at the Science Museum of Minnesota. My fingers are crossed that this marks the first of many events where you can take your family to learn about electronics, make robots, meet the makers from your favorite Make: television episodes, interact with radio controlled artwork, and listen to percussion and electronica performed on home-brew instruments while touring a paleontology exhibit.

In a word: awesome.


If you weren’t able to make it to Make: Day, check out the “makeday” tag on Flickr to get a feel for the event. I’m particularly fond of this photo taken by gjohnsonxx. He’s captured evidence of me trying to help someone blast her brother with a vortex of smoke from an air cannon.

Make: Day on Flickr

4 thoughts on “Make: Day event photos

  1. Michael says:


    This might be your favorite photo, but being the fat guy with the camera, I wish I had some warning. I would have “sucked it in”.

    Having said that, my kids (three of whom are in the background of the picture) and I are building one, possibly two, this week. We’re building a more mobile (but heavier/sturdier) base that allows for aiming up and down and locking wheels. We saw the problems you had with aiming (tilting the whole base). I think this will be blast with the cub scouts when we can’t have game-time outside. Air cannons with paper targets at 30 paces. :)

    Thanks for the demo. You sure inspired me and my minions.

  2. Jason Striegel says:


    Glad to hear you guys had a great time. Please send in your photos of your own air cannon when it’s built. If you’re indoors and there aren’t air vents or obstructions, you should be able to get quite a bit further than 30 paces :)

    Good luck!


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