MAKE Flickr Pool Highlights

MAKE Flickr Pool Highlights


Observe!- the bounty of the MAKE Flickr Pool:

Waterproof APC-Link
Homemade Ring Flash –Link
Homegrown Morse Code Paddles –Link
Piezo Bow –Link
Film Can Cannon – Link

We’ve seen some great projects in the pool this week and next week should be even better! “Why is next week so special?” – you ask? Because that’s when we’ll be giving away sweet prizes for the best projects submitted! So choose a good shot of that amazing apparatus you’ve been secretly crafting, and share it with us.

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  1. cyenobite says:

    This is a really great new feature to the blog. To showcase the many talents and creativity of the readers of Make is awesome… and PRIZES to boot?! Welcome aboard Collin.

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