Make: television Episode 4

Make: television Season One has come and gone. But in case you missed it, we’ll be rolling out the ten episodes of our premiere season again.

Episide Four, take two, check it:

Meet the Flaming Lotus Girls, a women-centric maker collaborative that creates gargantuan, fire-breathing sculptures. In the Workshop, John Park builds a digital TV antenna from wire coat hangers and a $10 video camera stabilizer. William Gurstelle shows surprising uses for cable ties, and Maker Channel contributors show off a motorized lounge chair, an eye-popping I/O brush, a vest that controls a video game with a back massage, and an explosive, giant match made from thousands of matchsticks.

Get the m4v of Episode Four, or subscribe in iTunes. Watch the individual segments of Episode Four and find instructions for the ever-popular DTV Antenna and Camera Stabilizer after the jump.

All episodes, individual segments, and PDF instructions of our Maker Workshop projects from Make: television Season One can always be found at our Episode Guide. You can also watch Make: television videos on YouTube, Blip, Vimeo, or download our torrents at LegalTorrents.

These women are fired up: The Flaming Lotus Girls, a women-centric maker collaborative, creates gargantuan, fierce, flame-breathing sculptures. This popular Bay Area organization boasts diverse membership, welcoming members from all backgrounds. Whether they’re artists, lawyers, mothers or scientists, all Flaming Lotus Girls share two things in common: a desire to get their hands dirty, and a love of all things flammable. And the Flaming Lotus Girls are not alone; countless women welded during WWII, and today a new generation of women welders is picking up the torch.

To learn more or to join the Girls, go to

Digital converter box? Check! Great reception? Not so much. John Park shows how to take a fistful of wire coat hangers and make a TV antenna that gives great digital reception. While he’s at it, he also makes a video camera stabilizer using metal piping and counterbalance weight; great for at-home moviemaking.

Download the PDFs for these projects.

In this ‘Toolbox’ segment, William Gurstelle demonstrates a dizzying array of applications for cable ties. Got any other “multi-tasking” tools? Let us know.

Maker Channel 104 – I/O Brush, Barcalounger, Massage Jacket, Giant Match

  • I/O Brush – Kimiko Ryokai’s electronic “paintbrush” transfers any object it touches, whether static or moving, onto a special board with eye-popping results.
  • Motorized Barcalounger – Engineer Lyn Gomes’s kicks back in her motorized lounge chair.
  • Massage Me Jacket – Hannah Perner-Wilson and Mika Satomi’s wearable massage vest acts as a video game controller
  • [Trouble Maker] Giant Match – Billy Gordon fires up a monster match made from 15,000 wooden matches.

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  1. leave off says:

    it’s turning me off how hard you’re pushing this show– just quietly tell us what’s available and leave us the freedom to watch or not

    1. Make: television says:

      @Leave Off, Thanks for your comment, we definitely appreciate the feedback. The logic behind re-posting episodes of Make:tv is that thousands of new viewers are seeing the show for the first time each week. We don’t want to hammer you over the head with our material, but we do want to make sure that new audiences have the chance to hear about it. I also wouldn’t call one re-post per week “pushing the show”. Thanks again for the comment!

  2. Don says:

    Watched my first Make TV show today and was interested in finding out more. Your website is a HOPELESS MAZE of information. I just would like to know how to simply see the shows from your first season on my PC computer or access a particular feature. Don’t NEED Ipod.ephone, twitter. spacebook, You tube , RSS etc, etc,etc.
    Someone in your organization needs to ORGANIZE your material in a somewhat simple and logical way. It reads now like a commercial from a fast talking hypester for every product you could possibly find that might be sold to anyone who might go to your site.
    MORE isn’t necessarily better. KISS

  3. Gareth Branwyn says:

    You mean, something like an Episode Guide? You’ll find one in the third paragraph of the post above (

    It takes you to a simple page with a list of all of the shows from the first season. Enjoy.

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