Make: Time & Space: Win a Dymo LabelManager!

Make: Time & Space: Win a Dymo LabelManager!

Recently Dymo sent me one of the label makers to review. The LabelManager 260P is a handheld unit that tries its hardest to include as many options as it can.

First, let’s talk about the unit’s core function of printing labels. You can choose between three font styles: Basic (sans serif), Serif, and Fun, which resembles the font Comic Sans. All three can access a robust character set including punctuation, accents, mathematical symbols and Greek letters.

You can choose 6 font sizes, which helpfully are designated by point sizes just like your computer. And to add a little fun you can specify what sort of box you’d like around your text with choices ranging from a plain box to a scroll, voice bubble or floral; 8 total options. You can align text vertically or horizontally, can center, left- or right-justify multi-line labels, and even print “mirrored” labels where the letters are reversed/backwards. Fixed label lengths are possible, and this is great if you want to consistently label a whole bunch of things without every label looking different.

Not sure how it will turn out? There is a preview function where the entire text of the message scrolls through the window, formatted as it will look on the label.

In terms of consumables, You can choose between quarter-inch, 3/8th and half-inch labels or their equivalents of 6, 9 and 12mm. The unit uses thermal ink so you’ll never have to buy a separate ink cartridge.

The unit itself is designed for handheld use; it’s relatively light and convenient. I would have preferred a QWERTY keyboard; the unit’s ABC layout takes some getting used to. For power it packs an internal, rechargeable lithium ion battery and recharges with a wall wart. The box claims to be able to print around 20′ of labels per charge. If you turn off the unit by accident (or on purpose) it will give you the option of saving the label you’re working on.

The Dymo LabelManager 260P is a convenient, easy-to-use label maker with tons of options to help you customize the appearance of your labels. You can buy it for about $50 on Amazon, making it an economical option for organizing your stuff.

And now for the giveaway!
Dymo has donated a LabelManager 360D to give to a Make: Online reader. The 360 is mostly identical to the 260P I reviewed but is slightly larger, has a QWERTY keyboard (yay!) and uses labels in four widths instead of three. To qualify, all you have to do is leave a comment with your thoughts on how you could use a label maker around your house or workshop to get organized. One random commenter will get the unit! Comments will be closed and the winner 7am PST Tuesday.

Update: AndDroid is our winner! Congrats!

184 thoughts on “Make: Time & Space: Win a Dymo LabelManager!

  1. ageekmom says:

    We are knee deep into remodeling our home office and a Dymo label maker would go a long way to helping us get _and stay_ organized. I’ve got two new filing cabinets just waiting for this little beastie!

    1. isnoop says:

      With our first baby due in the next few weeks, our house is in complete turmoil. My old mad scientist maker lab is now the nursery and everything that was in there has to find a new home. I’ve always wanted to put proper labels on every one of my workshop bins and drawers and this time of upheaval is quite possibly the perfect opportunity to get (re)organized.

  2. chrislatray says:

    Have used these before and they’re great. My wife is a clothing designer, and has lots of little bins and containers that are in serious need of labeling. This would be perfect!

  3. pete says:

    Label makers are great! I bought a Dymo from target and use it all the time for labeling my electronic projects. But mine and this one here lacks a qwerty keyboard and it sucks! It takes me ages just to type “5 volts” or similar. qwerty ftw. Also, mine was less than 20 bucks so everyone should have one!

  4. Bob A. says:

    I would put name labels on the foreheads of each of my family members, so I’ll stop accidentally calling them the wrong name.


  5. Joe Ski says:

    With 3 Kids, space is at a premium and getting things to stay in a place where they belong, let alone HAVING a place for it to belong to would be an amazing feat! We’ve always tossed around labeling everyting so there’s NO mistake where things go.

  6. Darren Landrum says:

    I would find it amazingly handy for labeling front panels of electronic projects, and to label all of the little drawers in my parts organizers. This includes electronic parts as well.

    Dymo has been around for years. They used to make those labelers that pressed the letter into a plastic face to deform it, and it changed the color where the deformation happened. I remember those from elementary school. :)

  7. matthewbeckler says:

    I recently started a kitbiz ( and we could certainly use this great labeler to help organize our inventory system!

  8. Nate says:

    My wife would DIE for this (except that she wouldn’t be able to use it)

    She’s an organizational freak, and not having uniform labels on everything around the house kills her (and the multi-colored sharpie-written labels with dots on the points kill me).

    This would be a BRILLIANT addition to our home :)

  9. says:

    When I was a (nerdy) youth, I labeled a great deal of my life with an old dymo punch labeler, and relabeled control panels on gadgets and cables for folks I’d helped with computer installs. It would be great for my current job, and even greater for organizing my home office to have this awesome little label machine. Not to mention more gadgets = more happy. :)

  10. Tim K says:

    Dymo has always been a convenient product at work. All the servers are labeled using them. I’m going to be leaving that job and hoping to start up my own business. Having a Dymo would be great, and I’d label everything. I’d even label my spice rack at home if I had a dymo.

  11. rubinstu says:

    I’ve been meaning to buy some little jars, or at least new lids, for my spices and label the LIDS (not on the jar). This way you can see the names from the top where it matters. It takes me forever to find spices in the cluttered cabinet. Using a label maker for the jar tops will make things more efficient, cleaner, and make me feel like Martha Stewart…

  12. says:

    I’d never re-gift this like I did with my Label Baby Jr.

    I’m trying to organize my life with Evernote and would love to label up some bins for long term storage and tie them to tagged photos of the contents. That’s the plan. Thanks Make!

  13. Tony says:

    I could really use one of these for labelling controls on my circuit bending and electronic projects.

    My Dad had an old Dymo embossing label maker when I was a kid. I labelled EVERYTHING. :-)

  14. CircuitGizmo says:

    I already label everything. With this I’d have to make a label that says “Label” and points to the label that is already there…

  15. maaneeack says:

    I would use it to annoy my brother. And also to organize old PC parts and boxes of cables and my pegboard tool wall so my brother would put my tools back where they belong.

    Would be good for spices and nuts and bolts and dating things in the fridge and freezer. Maybe I could label something as I take it apart so that when I try to reassemble it I won’t have leftover pieces anymore, that would be great.

  16. TorontoMatt says:

    I’d love to try using this on my plant markers in the garden!

  17. andakay says:

    I would love to replace my punch style Dymo with this shiny new one! We recently moved and I would love to use this label maker to get organized.

  18. kane2742 says:

    In addition to using a label maker for organization (such as labeling the compartments of my screw/nail/washer/etc. organizer and the dividers in my comic book boxes), I would also like to use a label maker to label my light switches. In several rooms, I have two or three light switches next to each other. I’ve gotten used to them and can (usually) flip the intended switch on the first try, but guests sometimes have trouble. I’d like to label at least some of them – for instance, the three switches in the bathroom for vanity light, fan, and overhead light – to avoid the “flip, flip, flip, flip – ‘Oh that’s the right one!'” situation.

  19. Brandi Weed says:

    I’ve used Dymo labelers since childhood (I have fond memories of the old embosser type), but alas! when I recently unearthed a vintage labeler to replace some gummed labels that were losing their adhesiveness, its old mechanism was having trouble. A new labeler would be wonderful.

  20. Jeremy says:

    I’d love to use this to create uniform labels for my shelves of gear, parts, materials, multimedia and assorted long term storage.

  21. RocketMan says:

    I would love to have one for work. Right now I have to remember to borrow one from one of the guys or do the usual, write neatly with a sharpie directly on the voice and data plates I install for a living. When I label equipment, I write it on a piece of masking tape or painters tape first. I need this tool.

  22. Marcel says:

    I’d quite like to divvy out the selection packs of capacitors and resistors that I picked up a while ago – neatly labelled drawers will save me fiddling about and looking up colour codes all the time!

    Anecdotally, I recently visited friends in London. The lady of the house had not long had an organising spree in the kitchen. Alas, while I was there, she wanted to add another food container which of course need labeling.

    Much hilarity ensued as we repeatedly tried and failed to match her original type style!

    I guess you had to be there. ;)


  23. Skrapbuker says:

    I’d love the labeller to help me to put things back where they belong. Everything has it’s place and I’m not very good at doing so.

    I’d use it to organize everything!

    Small but growing scrapbooking supplies (right now things have Post-Its (or nothing at all!! eeek!!!) … I love Post-Its but this is not the right way to do it)

    My spices (especially the Vietnamese ones where there’s no English on it and my Vietnamese is not the greatest)

    Put labels inside the cabinets so when someone feels like helping me putting dishes or whatever away, there will be a label for them to put it right where I want it … err where it belongs so I don’t have to redo it later!

    I’d also label that circuit breaker thingy … instead of flipping switches to find out which one’s what. I’m sure the tenant after me will appreciate this as well LoL

    Thanks for a chance to win!

  24. says:

    My GF is pretty unorganized with her craft stuff. I mean she tries to label the countless containers of, beads, perler beads (of all various colors, separated), spools, corks, ect etc. you get the point. but I would give this to her to help and encourage her to be better organized and sneak a few uses for myself in the shop for the nuts, bolts and stock that i squirrel away

  25. migpics says:

    I’m learning Norwegian as we plan to move there soon and so my wife would love this to stick on things so I can learn what those words are.

  26. Samurai says:

    I really need this to label the wires and interior compartment of my R2-D2. With the amount of wires running around in there labeling them would really help things out. Also labeling the electronics panel and the interior parts would help when showing kids how he works and what parts do what tasks.

  27. sShaDOhsS says:

    stick ’em all on my body… Or I would be serious and just stick them on wires and schoolbooks and stuff.

  28. says:

    My wife is a neat freak. I’ve been dragging my feet in organizing all of my ‘junk’ as she calls it. This could help me label everything and keep it organized!

  29. Festilligambe says:

    I currently have an old Dymo label maker, the old style with the tan brown plastic dial on the front, where you turn to your desired letter squeeze the trigger and crush the hard strip of plastic to make an impression. I used it all the time and have may uses for it, labling displays, gift tags, and even to print out words to use as textures for crayon rubbings in art. One of my more recent uses is when I aquired an old set of kitchen cupboards I had found thrown out a while ago I took them apart hauled them into my basement and reassembled them, and with a new plywood top they became the basis of my new workshop. All my tools and bits of old electronice, fasteners and carft supplies are neatly stored away. I used my old lable maker to lable each drawer and cupboard but the old coils of lable plastic are not what they used to be and they tend to spring up and away from the drawers ocasionally falling off and have to be reattached with tape. I’d use my new labler to affix those lables but I would’nt stop there. Contents of containers, addresses on letters, scrapbooks, cards and writing on the back of old photographs and paintings. The new labler would be put to good use.

  30. Aud1073cH says:

    I constantly fight to get organized. I have many containers of all sorts of things I use for making things. However, sometimes my labels fall short when I can’t read my own handwriting!

  31. unigamer says:

    Aside from using it to label my components which are already in drawers but the hand written labels are hard to read I would use it to leave witty messages for my flatmate around the flat. Ned Flanders style “fill ice cube trays with water”.

  32. Dr.Dubious, DDQ says:

    …okay, I’m lying, I’ve not yet had time to learn how to make use of Arduino or other microcontrollers.

    I would, however, enjoy doing some labelling experiments involving barcodes, OCR, and other mobile/machine-assisted labelling.

    I realize the labeller in question here almost certainly doesn’t have built-in support for barcodes, and especially not 2D barcodes, but part of the fun would be experimenting with ways of generating lines of text and symbols that can be cut into strips and then attached one atop the other to create a QRCode or DataMatrix barcode. I know I’ve seen open-source QRCode and DataMatrix barcode generators, surely it shouldn’t be too hard to device a simple interface to split the barcode into pairs of lines that could be entered either as large symbols or, better still, as actual text that when photographed from far enough away still resolves as a pixel in the barcode.

    To heck with JUST putting the name of a chemical on a jar, when I could also have a barcode encoding a link to an MSDS?…

  33. shrubbysteve says:

    i’ve been needing a label maker for a while now mainly because i have so many camera battery chargers i tend to get them mixed up at the worst times (traveling too far and too inconvenient to go back home to get the correct charger). there are a ton of other needs for labeling like for food dates/descriptions and the tool room for making things a lot more organized and cut out wasted time figuring out where things are.

  34. lobstertails2000 says:

    I would simply use it as post-it-notes and save a few tree’s by not having yellow square post-it-notes. As we all know you never use all that ‘area’ for reminders. Also great for labeling KEYS

  35. k4gdw says:

    I think this label maker would be ideal to assist in organizing the rats nest of cables around my home office/hamshack. Between the various cables for the computer, satellite TV, and my radio equipment it’s hard to keep track of which cable goes to what device. The only really easily identifiable cables are the big RG-8 coax cables that connect the ham rig to the antenna farm. With a hand held label maker I could shut everything down, then disconnect each device one at a time, label the cable(s), then remove them from the tangle that has resulted over several years of slowly adding gizmos. Once the tangle was eliminated, then it would be much easier to start over with an organized cable management system of some sort.

  36. muffin says:

    i cannot begin to imagine the things i can do with this and my ocd.

    i had a label maker, but it broke and have felt a hole in my life ever since….

  37. Matthew Good says:

    …but then I lost it. It wasn’t this exact model – mine was pretty bare-bones. But I used it to label microphone cables for my audio recording rig. Now that I’m building more electronics stuff going through Make: Electronics and building guitar pedals, I’ve got containers full of resistors and capacitors and transistors all labeled with my messy handwriting on masking tape. A label maker should be able to work wonders here. I may end up buying one anyway if I don’t win.

  38. zenìtraM says:

    I would put “Property of “+my name on all objects all around my bedroom – living with your parents and your little sister is actually quite hard.

  39. says:

    We have been able to organize our kitchen much better lately. With multiple canisters of grains, flours, and dried goods plus oils and other liquids, even organization can get unorganized without proper labeling. A good label maker allows us to make everything clear. The best way handle being an unorganized person is to overorganize, and a label-maker is a great tool.

  40. auBois says:

    I received my first Dymo labeler in 1965 for my 10th birthday. Yep, I’m that old and have been using them ever since. I even have a Cub Scout’s “Pinewood Derby” 1st place car with a sticker/tape on it that would take needle nosed-pliers to remove. Does anyone remember how the plastic tape smelled Back Then?

    I’ve moved lately. I am a horrible pack-rat. I don’t know where anything IS any more. I’ve got a mini-warehouse full of stuff and SOMEWHERE in there is a 10 year old labeller. The likelihood of my finding it is the same as finding my Dad’s Estate Paperwork, sad to write.

    One thing that I TRULY need to organize is the 20..40 hard disk drives that began to accumulate in 2002 or so. They all think they have names, they all have different capacities and dates, some are dead, but the MOST important deal is WHAT IS ON THEM??? The variety of Dymo printing media available (materials, colors, and so forth)is such that I could label them in a truly organized manner. I think that this device is most likely to be the best way I can do this (gee whiz… where IS that small, nameable set of photos on some particular drive out of the 10,000 or so that I’ve taken??)

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest,

    Jean auBois (aka John Atwood deVries)

  41. BigBertha says:

    I am a total “organizer freak.” I have bins and boxes for everything. I would label them all.

  42. Troy Davis says:

    … for re-organizing my office! This would be awesome. Just started yesterday clearing everything out and re-organizing … sort of a late spring cleaning. And I was thinking I really needed a labelmaker.

  43. Robert Liesenfeld says:

    I have several parts organizer drawer units that are unlabeled, and at the moment, unorganized.. this would be just the ticket for getting organized!

  44. Make: Time & Space: Win a Dymo LabelManager! jktechwriter says:

    (a) finally get all my workshop boxes organized because I hate using sharpies… so permanent!

    (b) April Fool’s Joke next year where I label all the controls on my wife’s car.


    (c) print a label to send the Thank You card to Dymo for a great gift.

  45. Kenneth Finnegan says:

    I have so many different boxes with electronics in them, being able to make clear labels would make finding the specific part much easier.

  46. desertboiler says:

    would never leave my side! I would keep it on a labeler holster! Anything out of place would get a label placed on where it goes so my kids would know where things are supposed to get put away!

  47. kimberly says:

    if i had one of these, i’d go crazy oraganizing all my junk. i’ll be featured on hoarders soon if i don’t do something drastic soon!

  48. Tim says:

    The chance to win this was my reason for signing up! I use dymo’s all the time at church for wiring our audio and video booths. I used to use one when I had a wedding video business many years ago to keep my tapes looking organized and professional. I’d love one again for my home. My garage is a royal mess. Seeing well organized maker shops on here makes me wish I had a tool like this to get the job done.

    I love Make!

  49. kimberly says:

    if i had one of these, i’d go crazy oraganizing all my junk. i’ll be featured on hoarders soon if i don’t do something drastic soon!

  50. Nate says:

    I like to keep my stuff organized, but labeling would definitely take it to the next level. For instance, the leads off of my Bus Pirate could definitely use some labels! And the drawers filled with parts would definitely benefit from some labels.

  51. rdm_box says:

    My main use for one of those would be to label cats, and labelling cables. also QWERTY ftw!

  52. grcooper says:

    Since we are required* to state our religion(s), race, sex, education, etc., a child growing up in today’s world would feel the need to carry this over to his/her daily activities. They might feel the need to whip out their kick@ss ‘LabelManager 360D’ and label every movement/action of every second of every day. [Good thing for Dymo®, they will be making millions of the required tape.] (ex: “Playing kickball – and loosing”)

    Oh yeah, I also like printing labels that read, “GOTCHA,” peeling of the backing and smacking them on my co-workers foreheads when they walk past my cubicle… just for some laughs and the occasional HR meetings.


  53. shasbarg says:

    Let me see where to begin, the wife’s crafts supplies, my workbench, kids rooms and toy bins and that is just the start.

  54. AndDroid says:

    I’m an organization freak, having a label maker would be like nirvana!

  55. Nirvana says:

    I have been meaning to label my several parts cabinets so i no longer have to look through tons of drawers to find my resistors, headers, etc.

  56. says:

    I’ve never owned one of these fancy label makers before, if I were to win it I might reach new heights of organizational goodness. Or just make silly labels for things, it’s a toss up.

  57. Tom Bierly says:

    I have been reorganizing my workroom for the last year. Every door, drawer, and box has something scribbled on the front of it. I don’t even know what it’s supposed to say on half of them. Yesterday I was searching for a piece and went through three cabinets that had labels I thought might include this piece. It was in an unlabeled box on a shelf.

  58. BVglass says:

    My wife runs a retail store and has lots of stock in those plastic storage tubs. A new labeling device would be real useful there. As a hobby I do fused glass and have the same type of labeling need for glass working supplies on the workbench. Then there is the house, with tubs of Christmas ornaments and lights, the kids stuff, name and phone number on laptops, luggage tags, etc.
    The list goes on….

    Oh Gods of random chance – we beseech thee…

  59. says:

    I would label my belongings when on tour. Often my stuff is forgotten on the stage after a performance. I owned a Dymo label maker which uses human power to punch the text into plastic tape (remember those days?). Few labels are still there after 20 years!

  60. BobsYourUncle says:

    I would label my label maker so I’d know it was a label maker. Then I’d label myself a label maker. Then I might really try to configure this as an Arduino printer so I could make a robot that would label people. Then I’d label the robot Labelbot. You get the idea…

  61. thibowa says:

    Bonjour, j’utiliserais cet appareil pour étiqueter les pots de semences pour les stocker. les étiquettes étant imperméables et résistantes à la lumière.

  62. Boter2099 says:

    Just redid our server room in my office, the contractor taught me a new trick about labeling each wire, then a bunch then all up and label the bunch with the machine further down!

    Clean cable management at it’s most.

  63. Brian says:

    Lost my coffee mug :(
    Sharpie ink keeps rubbing off
    I need a Dymo!

  64. hcastro says:

    I,m trying to implement GTD for my home office this would really come in handy for my reference files. Although I think I would never see it as my wife has been looking for labeler for some time now.

  65. Ray says:

    Looks indispensable for labeling the jacks on home-built electronic gadgets.

  66. robtsou says:

    I work in IT and I am constantly labeling. Jack numbers, cables, goes on and on!

  67. Jearil says:

    I have several little drawers of resistors of various sizes that I still have to read the color code to remember which box has what. A label maker would solve this dilemma.

    Further more, I would be able to fulfill an OCD need of mine to create a label with the words “Label Maker” and place it on the label maker itself.

    I may also use it on burned CD/DVDs as my handwriting with a sharpie isn’t very good. I also have a bunch of clear spice jars that I could finally label properly rather than guessing.

    Honestly the uses for a label maker are as varied as the messages it can print.

  68. Nathanael Wilson says:

    With this, I could write spanish phrases all over the house to help me learn it. Not to mention it would be pretty sweet just to have.

  69. Leigh says:

    I have jars and other small part holding areas that are just dying for some lables.

  70. pgeoffy says:

    I’d label all the tools and containers in my “kit” that travels with me doing props for a TV series.

  71. Alvaro says:

    First I’d buy new containers for all my spices and label them. Then I’d label all the electronic parts in my various component tackle boxes.

  72. says:

    I use my Dymo now to label little bead boxes into which I put all sorts of things – different transistors, diodes, resistors, caps, nuts and bolts… Anything that looks just like something else but needs to be kept separate. The little boxes fit perfectly into my parts bin drawers, the label fits perfectly along the side of the box and the front of the drawer, so when I’m looking for what I need I can go straight to the right drawer and straight to the 3906 transistors without going through every single transistor I’ve got.

  73. beta1072 says:

    I would use it to label where all the different kitchen stuff goes so my wife will stop getting upset. Or, as I suspect she will stop changing where she wants me to put things.

  74. CanukYYC says:

    Old eyes make reading labels written by hand very difficult.
    I would use it to label all my various component boxes and bottles so I can know what is in them without squinting too much.

  75. Dako says:

    Would love to implement GTD into my workflow, and labels would help me get started with the folders and labeling system :B

  76. ThingsOnOtherThings says:

    I got 90-100 Sony discs that need labelling, and the boxes their in. Also, I’d like to label both ends of all the cables that are under my desk (dozens!)

    Wishing myself luck.

  77. Capdiamont says:

    I figure, to label things, so our little one can learn them. Such as cat/paw/tail, etc.

  78. ... says:

    It would be every useful to help organize all of my tools!

  79. Greenbay97w says:

    We just finished building a new house last year and had a new baby shortly thereafter. Now she is finally old enough that she can spend some quality time with daddy. Hopefully we can spend quality time labeling all the new drawers and bins in daddy’s garage and basement workshop while she learns all about tools and small electronic parts (from a distance of course.) This will help daddy get organized better as per mommy’s request to clean up all the random boxes.

  80. Bobby1110 says:

    I’m about to move to a new house and this would go a long way towards helping me keep it organized from the start.

  81. punkysfan says:

    I am in college computer/electrical engineering i have so many things to label that labeler would be nice. parts papers projects please pick me

  82. Sal_The_Tiller says:

    Well, this summer I’m in an early college scholarship program. Also, I’ve mostly been living the unsustainable life here at home. So I decided that, this summer, I would get organized, eat better, and replace soda with tea and water. A huge help in this endeavor would be a pimpin label maker.

  83. Curtisbeef says:

    My stepfather is redoing our garage and we are about to set up a new bench with a whole section for me to work on my electronics and I have many things I would love to label.

  84. Magaro says:

    The controls on my circuit bent looping Teletubby really need some cool labels. This would be just the thing.

  85. Sean C. says:

    To be honest, I’m probably going to go crazy if I actually get a label maker with a qwerty keyboard instead of a spinning wheel of punch-letters, and caption everything up to and including any stray cats, but the first thing will be the spaghetti nest of wires coming out of my current FPGA project.

  86. droidbuilder says:

    When I was a kid I had one of the Dymo labelmakers that made the white letters on plastic tape. Worked okay for awhile, then it started making the letters on top of each other. Never could get to work right again… I would think the electronic ones work much better!

    I’m going to use it for labeling part drawers and bins in my electronics and garage workshops. Would get rid of numerous hand-written paper labels I currently have! Would look cooler too!

  87. inventit says:

    It would help to label everything in my kitchen with the Welsh word for the items, as I am learning Welsh. I have been trying to do it by hand and it doesn’t look too good. So this would be perfect.

  88. Wondertaker says:

    I would use this wonderfull machine to print labels making it easier to identify what type of homemade marmelade is inside the different jars!

  89. Randy Cox says:

    If we had a Dymo labeller I could unambiguously tag all of the stuff in our house (well, office supplies, mostly) as being either okay for the kids to use or as just for mom & dad. There is often confusion about such things. :)

  90. says:

    Ohh, I’d love one of these to label all my component trays and boxes. I’m using an OLD Dymo machine and well, it’s retro, but I prefer this new ones :-)

  91. Dave says:

    It’s uncanny that you guys are giving this away this week. I was just thinking on Sunday how nice it would be to have a label maker, as I have just acquired some old tool bins from an old work truck; the drawers and doors of which desperately need new and accurate labels. As an added bonus, this would help my bandmates and me keep all our gear clearly identified. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

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