Make Video Podcast: Weekend Projects – Pinhole Camera Instructions

Make Video Podcast: Weekend Projects – Pinhole Camera Instructions


These instructions go hand in hand with a video I made to help you learn how to make a pinhole camera, set up a darkroom and make prints. Make sure to go check out to see the video that goes along with these instructions. These instructions are a bit on the long side with lots of details that will help you have a successful pinhole experience and so I’ve put them in pdf for you to download. – Link

I love to make pinhole cameras and make photographs with them. I just think that it is so cool that you only need a cardboard box with a hole in it, some photo paper, and chemicals to make your own photographs. Some of my favorite photos have been taken with pinhole cameras that I’ve made. Here are some of my favorites:

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When I want a big print or want to make something super wide angle, I get the chemicals out and poke a hole in a box and have a lot of fun.

With lens photography you have to focus the lens and only part of your photograph can be in focus. With pinhole photography, everything is in focus… or depending on how big your pinhole, everything can be the same amount out of focus.

It is really empowering to make your own camera and darkroom and use them to make your own photographs. If you have young people in your household, make sure to include them in the process. Making and developing photos is a magical process!


Download and print out the PDF to read the full instructions as you make your camera, develop your paper negative, and make a photographic print!

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