Make your own butter

Make your own butter

Short an ingredient for some holiday cookies? Slashfood can help you create DIY butter (via Lifehacker). Mother Earth News has another take here.

8 thoughts on “Make your own butter

  1. Sean says:

    That brings back memories. Grew up on a cow-and-a-half dairy and never bought any dairy products. The chickens got all the leftovers and would eat clabber soaked grain to the point they’d nearly explode if you allowed them.

    Jersey cream is almost butter anyway, but let it warm, fill a half gallon jar partway and shake. Doesn’t take long and you have a mound of the stuff.

  2. Michael Fusion says:

    making butter is super easy, plus you can make varying textures.

    heavy whipping crem that has been over whipped is almost butter. add flavoring as you want, salt to taste. and yes i’m a firm believer that store bought salted butter is the work of nazis, but when i make butter i always add salt.

    when i was a teacher we took containers and a marble for each kid and five minutes later had butter.

    don’t remember where i saw that one tho, but it’s fun with the kids, and you get to eat the results.

  3. Alex says:

    I work at a Starbucks. One time we got some new pastries (butter croissants). We wanted butter for them, but didn’t have any. However, we do make our own whip cream. We just put heavy whipping cream in a cup and took turns shaking it for a while. Lo and Behold, we came up with butter. It was actually very good.

  4. SFHandyman says:

    I won a first prize for my How to Make Butter Instructable. I made a video of me making butter start to finish in a stand mixer. Sometimes the idea of doing this kind of project is a little intimidating. Since you can watch the entire process you can see how easy it is. You can read detailed instructions and view the video at It’s so easy and, in a stand mixer, very fast. It tastes wonderful. I’m very pro making butter at home. I don’t know if the link will stick, but you can always just look for my Instructables under my name SFHandyman.

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