Make It Circular at Maker Faire Rome 2024

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Make It Circular at Maker Faire Rome 2024

Do you have a project on sustainability, reuse and saving natural resources? MakeITcircular is the contest that promotes the Circular Consumption Charter and the values of recycling, reuse and co-design. Shifting from a linear to a “circular economy” model is the key to enabling economic growth that respects material and natural resources and to making a contribution to protecting against climate change, which the planet has pledged to halt by 2050. In order to practise and encourage “circular consumption“ and promote the transition from a culture of waste to a culture of recycling and reuse, the “Circular Consumption Charter” was created: Ideas to inform the major choices that climate change and ecological transition imposes on us and to affirm a fairer society and economy. Check out the rules and last year’s winners below. Every idea counts, every idea can make a difference!

Winners of the 2023 Edition of the MakeITcircular Contest

FIRST PLACE: IOTILIZE uses data to revolutionize waste collection. It is the first service in Italy for monitoring the quantities of industrial waste, applicable to each container. This helps improve the way you collect waste, increasing interventions up to 30% with the simplest and most reliable service on the market.


iGreen Gadgets has created a compostable iPhone cases that grow basil, daisies, and forget-me-nots when the user plants and recycles them instead of discarding them after use. The inside part of the compostable iPhone cover has a water-soluble protective film, and when it gets diluted or decomposed, the rack of seeds behind it spills the grains of basil, daisies, and forget-me-nots on its own. via designboom

THIRD PLACE: Nuova Vita Al Sottoprodotto Cartone E Non Solo

The CARTONECO “REGIONAL” APEA project aims to achieve symbiosis and sustainable industrial and technological development, in order to implement circular economy processes aimed at all the possible synergies that can be activated in several sectoral areas in order to guarantee the maximum effectiveness of the strategy of development of the APEA. Starting from FSC certified by-products such as cardboard, MDF and chipboard, new innovative products are created and manufactured, allowing the “residue” to be given a second life.

The Contest

The MakeITcircular contest will reward the best ideas that are in line with the principles of the Charter and promote its dissemination and the involvement of different actors in its implementation.

In particular, we require projects that aim to:

• raise awareness of the environmental impacts of products and the industrial processes that generate them;   
• promote knowledge of the concepts of “circularity” and the “environmental footprint” of products/services;
• overcome the “disposable” approach, in consumption and production, by promoting values of durability, sharing, repair, repurposing and reuse of products and material resources;
• involve consumers in defining the “circularity” characteristics of products, helping them to become aware that their behaviour in the use and post-use phase can influence that characteristic.

Natural persons of age, Italian or foreign, companies, bodies, associations, foundations, and/or other legal entities, resident in Italy, can participate.

All projects submitted through Maker Faire Rome 2023’s Call for Makers in the “circular economy” category are also entitled to participate in the contest.

The Prizes

The Evaluation Committee will identify a winning project and assign two honorable mentions, a third mention will be assigned by the Assoutenti Association.

The prizes, in cash, will be, respectively:

  • Winning project3,000.00 (three thousand/00) euros
  • Honorable mention n. 11,000.00 (one thousand/00) euros
  • Honorable mention n. 21,000.00 (one thousand/00) euros
  • Antonietta Boselli Special Mention: Euro 1,000.00 (one thousand/00) – this mention is managed and assigned directly by the Assoutenti Association.

For any information, please consult the regulations.

The Evaluation Committee

  • Maria Alliney – General Secretary of Assoutenti (President)
  • Alessandra Colombo – Circular Economy & Sustainability – Versalis
  • Alessandro Ranellucci – Maker Faire Rome Curator
  • Davide Zanon – Project Office Manager – CODICI 

The Promoters

 Innova Camera – Special Agency of the Rome Chamber of Commerce
• Consumer associations of the CNCU (Italian National Council of Consumers and Users)

According to the European Commission’s New Circular Economy Action Plan, the involvement of communities and also of citizens – considered in their role as consumers and users – is a key part of the European Union’s action plan to accelerate the transition to the new “circular” model.
By adopting behaviour and making conscious choices oriented towards the logic of “circularity,” consumers can reduce their own environmental footprint and also stimulate change in companies and the way they produce their products or provide their services.

Every idea counts, every idea can make a difference!

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