Maker Classes in August: All Things 3D Printing, Robotics, and Games!

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Maker Classes in August: All Things 3D Printing, Robotics, and Games!

Looking to escape the heat? Stay cool with Maker Campus as makers dive into Arduinos, 3D print the latest fashions, create games for those thundering summer nights, and more!

Beginning 3D Printing For Educators – July 31st / MAKE: Geometry – Getting Started! – August 14th


Has your school, library, or museum recently purchased a 3D printer? Are you wondering how to get started, and where you can find good educational materials? Join the authors behind “Make: Geometry” as they walk you through the basics of 3D printing OR take your knowledge to the next level by applying it to middle- and high-school geometry by creating 3D prints for your students.

Beginning 3D Printing For Educators Tickets:

MAKE: Geometry – Getting Started! Tickets:

Easy DIY Security Alarm! – August 4th


BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP! Create your own alarm with Maker Faire Syracuse on August 4th that is great for alerting you of intruders with its very loud buzzer.


Introduction to Arduino and Robotics – August 8th


Dive into the basics of Arduino microcontrollers, breadboards, electronics, programming, and robotics with Dr. Carlotta A. Berry! This is the perfect opportunity to get hands-on with analog and digital inputs and outputs, basic sensors, motors, all while building an obstacle avoidance robot.


3D Printing on Fabric – August 28th


Learn how to 3D print on fabric from designer David Shorey! In his workshop, you’ll learn what materials work best for 3d printing on fabric, how to attach the fabric to your printer, and lessons from David’s success and failures.


DIY 3D Personalized Trivia Board Game – August 29th


Wouldn’t it be amazing to get together with friends and family to play a fun competitive board game that you made! In this workshop, you learn how to create challenging trivia questions, understand how movement on a board game works, create a spinner with basic materials, and have fun creating something unique and heartfelt.


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