Maker Faire Austin: Teeter Totter

Maker Faire Austin: Teeter Totter

Maker Faire is a great place to bring your family. There are plenty of things to do no matter what age you are. If you have little kids, make sure to check out the Teeter Totters by Faith Schexnayder, they’re a lot of fun!

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4 thoughts on “Maker Faire Austin: Teeter Totter

  1. ttrentham says:

    Faith is also the PTA president at our school. Very strange to see her in my Make RSS feed. See you kids at the faire!

  2. ben c says:

    I dont mean any offense but those teeter totters look like a real safety hazard. suppose someone places there foot a little too far in when they were coming down. it’d crush their toes! and there’d be no way to stop it after its started @_@ god damn that’d hurt for a long time. i mean that’d be traumatizing pain, simply for the amount of time that it lasts(from the time of contact coming down to bring yourself back up with your foot crushed on the crescent you’re also sitting on). generally a pipe coming out of the ground and a piece of wood tend to do the trick.

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