The Smart City Returns: Maker Faire Barcelona Reactivates This Weekend

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The Smart City Returns: Maker Faire Barcelona Reactivates This Weekend

Maker Faire Barcelona is back! On July 1 & 2 the sixth edition of Maker Faire Barcelona brings together local and international Makers again! This edition aims to explore the influence of Maker Culture on how and where people learn: From formal and informal education to lifelong learning experiences. Makers will present their most advanced projects which combine innovative lifelong learning experiences and pathways transformation of the productive and economic model.

Maker Faire Barcelona 2022 highlights the need to rethink and activate a more local and diversified economic model, based on knowledge and in line with the objectives of the Barcelona Green Deal, and the 2030 Agenda. The sixth edition of Maker Faire Barcelona is held in a distributed manner, the main hub being the Campus Poble Nou de la Universitat Pompeu Fabra and satellite programs taking place at TMDC and at Fab Lab Barcelona! ACCESS IS FREE AND THERE ARE ACTIVITIES FOR ALL AGES, BUT YOU MUST REGISTER FOR FREE

Maker Faire Barcelona is once again produced by SokoTech, a digital social innovation laboratory with a unique vision nurtured by the passion, curiosity and creativity of its team. Housed in an old chocolate factory, SokoTech brings together six cutting-edge applied research laboratories: DeviceLab 5G, STEAMLab, RV/XRLab, BioTechLab, (DIYBio Barcelona), FashionTechLab (p²LAB) and Social Innovation Lab (Lichen) which, in addition to feedback, develop joint projects that promote new strategies and digital solutions for social challenges. Last year, this same team produced Maker Faire Girona, a 5 day virtual conference simultaneously translated into to Catalan, Castellano, and English. 

The program gathers a hundred initiatives including Maker booths, demonstrations, workshops, presentations, conversations and, for the first time, a double decentralized program at the FabLab Barcelona and the TDMC Coop.

Proposals around sustainable sports automotive, circular gastronomy, zero waste, co-design Maker activities, a digital library for making furniture, robots, rockets, drones, probes, rovers, augmented / virtual reality, power 2032, re-naturalization of cities, alternative proteins, IoT sensor-ized plants for the conservation of the planet, electronic musical instruments, innovation in technologies of biomaterials, digital manufacturing, sustainable and futuristic techniques in the production of fashion, self-sufficient and sustainable settlements in other worlds or approaches innovative to eliminate and transform the waste that accumulates in our seas.

FabLab BCN will also celebrate its first 15 years of existence in a satellite program.Workshops and visits to TMDC, a space industrial equipped with advanced digital shared machinery, which also houses its STAGE2 enclosure a technology-based industrial startup accelerator.

Makers, Projects + Workshops

Workshops, Makers + Demos, Conversations are all on offer at Maker Faire Barcelona. The event provides an unusually dynamic offering – here are a few, check out the rest on the website! The event remains focused both on doing – learning new things while you attend – and moving forward the conversations, projects and personalities that are pushing the boundaries of their disciplines and 

Seventeen years after its world premiere, Reactable still fascinates with its intuitiveness, beauty, simplicity, and unique way of performing electronic music. Developed between 2003 and 2007 by a research team from the Musical Technology Group (DTIC, UPF), led by Sergi Jordà and made up of Marcos Alonso , Günter Geiger and Martin Kaltenbrunner. Reactable became popular when Björk incorporated it into her Volta world tour (2007-2008).

Domingo Club [Maud Bausier and Antoine Jaunard] envisions tempeh (a fermented vegetable product made from legumes and mushrooms) as a solution to provide the necessary proteins for the human body. “Our mission is to develop the necessary tools so that everyone can ferment their own tempeh at home.”

The GlockensPlink! and XiloPlonk! Míriam López is a percussionist, music teacher and maker. Experiment with sounds from the most didactic side, either with totally acoustic or electronic elements. They are interactive musical games that consist of creating circuits with tuned wooden or metal sheets on a sloping base and then dropping balls on them to make them sound. is a multidisciplinary team that, in a totally altruistic way, is concerned with designing, building and implementing low-cost devices that facilitate access for use to people with disabilities or special education students.

Low-cost devices, with different types of sensors, as tools to help special education professionals and that can be used in both multisensory classrooms and standards. These devices have different types of activation: RFID cards, color sensors, presenic sensors, infrared for mobile devices, etc., with the idea of ​​allowing everyone to access inclusive and scalable solutions.

Alba Badia , is a final year engineering student in industrial technologies at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. At Comsic Research she has been: rocket design engineer, head of manufacturing and testing and head of launch operations.

Cosmic Research, was founded in 2016 and since then they have launched 36 rockets and more than 100 CanSat minisatellites. On November 30, 2021 they launched Bondar the most powerful rocket ever developed by students in our country. It was launched from CEDEA, a historic space port of the INTA (National Institute of Aerospace Technology), located in southern Spain, Huelva.

Fabricademy, Textile and Technology academy is a multidisciplinary 6-month intensive program at the intersection of digital fabrication, textiles and biology. The program explores the interrelation of human-technology-environment through the notions of embodiment, materiality, ecodesign, biodesign, performance, smart textiles and digital fabrication. Our mission is to (re)shape and (re)define the implications and applications of technology in the textile and clothing industry, from the fashion sector to the upcoming wearable market. 

DragonIce: Help escape a dragon that has been trapped under the ice of a lake! This giant video game is designed to promote prosocial attitudes in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and thus help them improve their social skills.

In an interactive Mixed Reality space you can play a giant video game in groups of 4 people. A virtual environment projected on the ground on a 6 × 6 meter screen will allow you to help a dragon that has been trapped under the ice of a lake. You must help him escape by breaking the virtual ice so that the dragon can free himself.
Come experience how we do research in this branch of computer person interaction. Narcis Pares, Tenure Associate Professor Head of the Full-Body Interaction Lab.

Freie Maker is a community that wants to promote access to technology through DIY, OpenSource and Learning to Do. Build crazy things, with the idea of ​​exciting people with the possibilities of new technologies. We want to offer people a playful way of the basics of quantum technology. This is achieved mainly with LED games, with technology hidden behind an artistic and natural surface.

Jan Thar, is a Maker and fan of the open source of Aix-La-Chapelle. His projects can be found mainly at Instructables.

FabLabBCN Workshops

Making In A Circular Space: A Precious Plastics introduction / Friday 1st of July at 13:00: It’s time we see the problem of plastic pollution as a problem of knowledge not waste. With the right knowledge, a plastic bottle in the bin is not trash but a usable material. In this workshop, you will get to learn about @realpreciousplastic, the international community working to decentralise plastic recycling and the machines that make it possible. Be sure to bring some of your waste plastic to this workshop as we will be using it! @c_cairns_design @distributeddesign

@foodshift2030 Citizens at the center of food systems / Friday 13th of July at 13:00: Food is a basic need, fundamental to people’s lives and the way we obtain, distribute and consume food is key to our health and the health of our planet, which is why the involvement of each and every one of us is so important. Join us to hear the city council (Department of ajuntament politicas alimentarias) and private civic initiative discussing the food and sustainability challenges that Barcelona is facing and ways for a sustainable future of food.

@centrinnoeu Productive Hubs: Alternative Urban Futures / 2nd of July. 17.30 to 19.00: In the last years, many productive spaces have turned towards more integrated models with their urban environment, fostering collaboration opportunities with other stakeholders in the territory. Get to know the diversity of productive hubs in Barcelona that have turned into hubs for social innovation with real impact on people’s lives, such as @afablescorts @duduabcn and @afabparctecnologic @afabgracia

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