Maker Faire Eindhoven Moves To Centerstage For Its 8th Edition

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Maker Faire Eindhoven Moves To Centerstage For Its 8th Edition

The 8th edition of the largest Maker gathering in the Netherlands will take place this Saturday + Sunday, September 25 & 26th! This year the Maker Faire will take place at a new location: the Beursgebouw in the center of Eindhoven. Located next to the central train station, the Beursgebouw is one of Eindhoven’s biggest event spaces for concerts, sports events, trade shows and more—and this weekend it will be full to the brim with Makers and their amazing creations + workshops and of course as a kick off for Maker Faire Eindhoven’s famed Crazy Parade!

Each year Maker Faire Eindhoven creates a theme to guide its production, inspire makers, and create conversation. This year’s theme, “The Makers of the Hybrid World,” is an answer to the challenges created by the enormous acceleration of digitization and online communication. Humanity has almost collectively entered the next phase of the internet age. Our Makers are pioneers in this world of computers, electronics, programming and digital media, but also forerunners in the circular economy and sustainability.

Part of this theme and its mission is the Hybrid Future Challenge. “The Maker is not only pioneering technology, materials – analog and digital – and development and construction, but also the hybrid world has become a challenge for innovative makers.” Working from home and online education have given us mass access to digital communication tools and methods, greatly accelerating the development of purpose-driven applications, platforms, and tools. Many designers, technicians and creatives have come up with and implemented ideas and concepts to respond to current needs and opportunities. There is a disruptive development of new digital and hybrid products, services and knowledge. See Maker/Cartoonist/Illustrator John Heijink‘s vision of a future Eindhoven above!

The award ceremony is on Saturday, September 25 at 3:00 p.m. in the Beursgebouw. Nominees in the images below.

Makers And More...

The Maker Faire provides a stage to a large group of enthusiastic Makers who shake off the dust and proudly show their new products, concepts, installations and workshops. What was conceived and made in the isolated situation? Here’s a taste!

Edward Hage is a robot developer of robots for industry. At the Maker Faire he shows the prototype of a 6-wheeled rover inspired by the ExoMars rover to be sent on mission in March 2022 and will launch a crowdfunding campaign to develop the prototype into a DIY designs.

What if robotic animals take over the world? The installation AnimatronieK is a nod to a world in which technology is spiraling out of control. Robotics, mechanics and electronics come together in a – quite cuddly – ​​creature that interacts with the public.

Cars are a rich source of inspiration for Olaf Mooij views cars as living beings that go through a life cycle, from birth to grave. His Post Apocalypso series explores the car in different states of metamorphosis. Be amazed by a car spermatozoid, a car egg, a car fossil, and a car skeleton.

Fossil fuel is becoming more and more expensive, on top of not being very good for the climate. With his project Uitsloot (literally: From ditch), Gijs Schalkx shows us an unexpected alternative. The fuel of his Slootmotor (Ditch motorbike) is harvested straight from your neighborhood pond or roadside ditch.

A revolutionary design for Synchronized Joints of the prosthetic/robotic hand fingers makes them compact, humanoid shape, tough, and free from gears and weak points where it can provide a high ratio of size to strength.

Welcome to the DRONE ZONE! A new addition to this years’ Maker Faire is a real drone zone! With demonstrations, information about these flying machines, and a cage where you can get behind the wheel and take a test ride with one of the drones.

Nick de Lange has elevated this to an art form. With his company Platkit, he makes astonishingly innovative guns for firing rubber bands. Come and fire rubber bands like never before, or build your own rubber band gun with a Platkit-kit!

Don’t forget to check out the Pyrophone!


In keeping with the city’s storied design history, Maker Faire Eindhoven doesn’t stop at the Beursgebouw. Special workshops will also be held in the city center at DeHeuvel, Eindhoven’s largest indoor shopping center. In addition to the workshops at De Heuvel, there are also several locations downtown that are affiliated with the event. See an overview of these locations below.

Everyone is a creator! Awesome Makers helps you discover how much fun electronics is. Assemble an electronics kit for FREE at our booth and take it home.

Build Your Own Hovercraft workshop! Build a remote-controlled hovercraft from a garbage bag, a motor, a propeller, lots of tape and a WiFi module. You can control the hovercraft with your own smartphone or tablet

How do you make ‘smart’ clothes? With electronics and innovative processes, Fashion Tech Designer Marina Toeters connects high-tech with fashion in the Fashion Tech Switch workshop. Her technological designs make clothes more beautiful and exciting.


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