Maker Faire Taipei 2021: Making Community Online

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Maker Faire Taipei 2021: Making Community Online

For its 8th edition, Maker Faire Taipei takes it back to the people…and, happily for the rest of us, people everywhere. Maker Faire Taipei is themed as AI Maker and will lead the world to launch the Maker Art Exhibition, implement the spirit of STEAM education, and demonstrate Taiwanese makers’ deep cultural heritage and interesting interactive technology.

Starting October 30th, 00:00 (GMT+8) makers, projects, and workshops come alive and online for an interactive weekend on Gather.Town. Now produced by the community non-profit Taiwan Makers Association which runs FabLab Taipei, the event will have several components: a place where makers can share their work, meetup and network in Gather.Town and livestreaming on their FACEBOOK channel. Here’s a sneak peek at some of their star makers and information on how to join in. Note that most of the programming will be in Chinese.

Make Your Own Halloween Helmet

As this year’s Maker Faire Taipei happens to fall on Halloween, the New North City Self-Creator Space Aluminum Tool Li has created a template through which you can make your own unique Halloween helmet. Their instructions: “Halloween is coming up, but there’s no time for a workshop! Had to put the version on the fan page. Have a good time everyone! Choose A3 (paper size) to print at this LINK.

More About The Makers

Music seems to be on the mind of makers everywhere! Named after the legendary Silesian “Lord of the Mountains,” Rübezahl is a maker musician from Berlin who creates music from all sorts of objects, including pineapples!

Hsueh Yu-Zang is a school teacher who uses recycled materials to make educational toys for students.

Hsu Yuan-Hsin is an artist use digital fabrication tool to blend traditional looming technique and laser cutting creation together. She makes mini-looms in various shapes to weave her creations  on to. 

Wang Wei-Hsiang is a 14yr old maker who uses 3D printing to solve many problems. He began his journey to create and experiment after seeing 3D printing and set up a studio to create many creations. How to make the most application under existing conditions? Don’t miss 高雄創客健身坊 Kaohsiung Maker Gym  

In a city full of cyclists, it’s unsurprising that makers create unique cycles to get around.  Hung Bo-Han creates customized cargo bikes. Don’t miss Hanks Garage share…cutting of pipes, processing of beds, molding, bending pipe angle and simulation and parts production of the iligation D printer, modification and experimentation in metal processing. 

Danny Chen is a Open-Source Medical Supplies-Taiwan (OSMS-Taiwan) Group member and a researcher of the Medical 3D Printing Center from National Defense Medical Center Tri-Service General Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan.

Steam Lab is a teenage Makerspace that focuess on Lo-Tech co-creation and explore various kind of fun making. Making is about playing and having fun testing new ideas and experiences. Making is also about sharing what you know with others. Students don’t need to be taught how to do those things; they need to be set free to make.

See  you at Maker Faire Taipei in Gather.Town this weekend! And join in the LIVESTREAM. Or check them out on INSTAGRAM.

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