Maker Faire Zagreb Goes Outdoors This Weekend

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Maker Faire Zagreb Goes Outdoors This Weekend

The countdown begins for Maker Faire Zagreb 2021 as it inspires and delights the Croatian capital from European Square, home to the city’s famed Christmas market and concerts and other festivals throughout the year. The move is precautionary due to the pandemic and the event, currently in its third edition, will return to the Nikola Tesla Technical Museum when conditions allow. Last year Maker Faire Zagreb 2020 took place in the museum, but the main event was online – and exhibitors were given the chance to show their work, ideas and inventions in 3 minute videos. As in the past, this year’s event will be preceded by the STEAM Week education event hosted by organizers FabLab Croatia based in the faculty of Architecture at Zagreb University.

The Maker Faire, along with STEAM WEEK are initiatives aimed at increasing participation in DIY activities, skills in technology, and an innovation mindset. Association FabLab Croatia has been actively participating in Maker Faire events throughout Europe – and now, it is bringing all of these experiences to Zagreb for the third Maker Faire Zagreb. Our first Maker Faire was held in 2019 in the Nikola Tesla Technical Museum, attracting around 200 exhibitors, individuals and groups from Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Serbia and Croatia with over 70 projects. Various technological inventions, curiosities and educational materials were presented in front of 11.000 visitors of different age groups and who had the chance to see, touch, play with or test everything on display.

Apart from the usual Maker Faire — booths which will be open to the public on Saturday and Sunday, October 2nd and 3rd from 10 to 17h — there will also be a Makers Lounge, open from 11 to 16h each day. The Makers Lounge will be a rotating exhibit that will host various makers in 1 hour slots which they can use to show the public their work. This way we can include more makers and produce more content for the public, but also keep this years’ Maker Faire “small scale” and respect the epidemiological concerns of the general public.

FabLab Experience Brno is a semi-trailer that, after parking, turns into a workshop full of modern production machines. It offers primary and secondary school pupils practical education in the field of digital production technologies. It not only gives you the opportunity to learn current information about modern production and prototyping, but also to try all the machines and make something on them.

Fresh off of Maker Faire Eindhoven, the ever clever EXOOT (a.k.a Tristan Kruithof) brings a wink to a world in which technology has gotten out of hand, and a “robotic animal kingdom” is making its entrance…In this project I challenge myself to build a visually strong, interactive installation, remote-controlled and based on 3 simple, recognizable wooden 3D puzzles. I’m looking for a form which combines mechanics and robotics in such a way that an engaging, friendly creature can emerge, with a personality all of its own.

He says of the project,”Technology has come to dominate our world in the last few decades, and clearly, its grip on our lives will only become tighter. The impact of robotics on business, transport, health care and agriculture has never before been so huge. Astronomical amounts of money are being invested in these new, far-reaching technologies. With unsettling speed, it seems, the moment approaches when technology will enable us to actually produce animals and people. Not just on a physical level, also the brain is recreated and emotions are simulated. The development of artificial intelligence is growing by the day, with more and more emphasis on self-learning ability.” 

The motto of the FSB Racing Team? “We need a garage and some tools, and we will make a formula car out of nothing.” 

Makers Lounge

The Makers Lounge will hold a variety of interactive workshops and demonstrations over the weekend including a meteorological show for kids, a workshop about the density of water, a visual display of chemical reactions, basic robotics and coding for kids and more.

Kresimir Canic with his scientific stand-up show Egg Science and a tour through Secret Codes and Cryptography will be on stage over the weekend.

High School students from Gymnasium Vukovar designed a fleet of Bluetooth controlled vehicles that they will be showing off. 

ARTITUDE: Recycled sculptures based on old newspaper, cardboard,wire and all kinds of garbage find by accident. 

Check out more exhibits, drones, participating FabLabs, and programming on the WEBSITE or follow along on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and TWITTER

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