Maker made – “Spray Well” Bottle

Maker made – “Spray Well”  Bottle

Kevin writes – “After becoming frustrated with yet another spray bottle that didn’t work, I decided to fix the problem. And with the help of Dave Youngberg and Kevin Ostrom, developed a spray bottle that actually sprays out every drop of liquid. We’ve set up a blog and have a video here (3 mins) to help get the word out – to teach companies that consumers want a product like this.”Link.

14 thoughts on “Maker made – “Spray Well” Bottle

  1. saehn says:

    This is pretty neat… but it seems like the bottle manufacturers could just use a longer tube if they were all that concerned about consumers using every last drop. By having the tube reach a corner of a standard bottle, tilting that bottle should accomplish the goal of accessing all available liquid.

  2. Deek says:

    I would just worry about getting my idea stolen and then patented before I had a chance to do it myself.

  3. TVarmy says:

    If only a clever idea like this were on that American Inventor show.

  4. conglacio says:

    Saehn – tilting the bottle is not a good solution, as it means you cannot aim the spray.

  5. Ensignnolo says:

    Being a model airplane afficionado, I’ve solved this problem by modifying the pickup tube. Shorten the tube, add a piece of flexible silicone fuel line and a metal fuel line pickup clunk on the bottom. Cut the fuel line such that the clunk can move freely to the lowest point in the container when you tilt it to your preferred useage angle. I’ve made up several of these, and they work well.

    This is not an original idea of mine, I’m sure I saw it in a magazine somewhere.


  6. onebitpixel says:

    Although this design works as intended I don’t think it would scale well within a production environment. Some manufactures have gone to longer, more flexible tubing with a weighted plastic end cap to allow it to drop to the lowest point in the bottle. I imagine a cheaper alternative to retrofitting their manufacturing and operation lines.

  7. sirrant says:

    Thanks for the comments.

    Per the shorter/bendable tube… this solution was introduced in the 90’s by P&G and while it works OK, it doesn’t account for energy transfer and also doesn’t allow every drop to be sprayed.

    We haven’t received feedback from bottle manuf’s that there will be any problems producing the bottle… in fact they’ve been encouraging… it’s a matter of finding that first licensee.

    We almost had one… the group that said our design elements should have been included in spray bottles all along. They pulled out because P&G spent a boat load marketing the weighted bendable stem, yet saw no increase in market share.

    So, since we have our patent filed, our only recourse seems to be creating some demand from the public. If you like it, please let your friends know about our work.

    All the best,

    Kevin Cotter

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