Maker Pro Newsletter — We Want Your Feedback

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Maker Pro Newsletter — We Want Your Feedback
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Maker Pro Newsletter will not be publishing this week because of the Fourth of July holiday.

But while we have your attention, we are looking for feedback, after four months of publishing.

How are we doing?

What would you like to see more of? Less of?

  • The business of making
  • Crowdfunding trends
  • Profiles of professional makers
  • Makerspace news
  • Hardware startups
  • New products and tools
  • Technology and market trends
  • Maker business strategies and tactics
  • News from maker-oriented companies

And how’s the length: too long? too short?

Please let us know in the comments below.

And have a great Fourth!

—The Maker Pro Newsletter team

54 thoughts on “Maker Pro Newsletter — We Want Your Feedback

  1. Jacob Johnson says:

    Your subscription link is dead on your lead-in page for the newsletter (though you have links for each newsletter published so far):

    I’ll have to check the history out. First I’ve heard of it.

    1. Laura Cochrane says:

      Hi Jacob, thanks for the heads up. We recently changed our DNS hosting and some old links broke. The subscribe link is fixed:

  2. Maker Pro Newsletter — We Want Your Feedback akiba says:

    As a maker running a business, the maker pro newsletter seems to be more geared towards businesses tied to some type of investment or funding or seeking that route. Most of the makers I know and hang out with are investment free and completely indie. They’re also doing quite well and not interested in investment or funding. For me personally, I’d be less interested in the technology side of making and more in the impact makers have on things. I also think it’d be good for Maker Pro to teach people how to become a Pro maker, i.e. starting up a webshop, marketing, photography, manufacturing on the cheap, different places to get PCBs made, places to get custom CNC’d materials, and other resources. It’s really a long and difficult process, but there’s less of a need for investment or VC funding. I personally believe the interest VCs have taken in makers is possibly detrimental since they’ve accelerated the hardware cycle and really reduced the margin for error in manufacturing. Manufacturing is a dirty business that’s learned through mistakes which is why bootstrapping and giving yourself margin for mistakes and learning lessons recovering from those mistakes are important. I don’t think a lot of the VC cycles I’ve seen have much tolerance for those types of things. Anyways, that’s my feedback :)

    1. Sally McMahon says:

      Right on, akiba, I agree with the type of content I’d like to see, especially how we can all do more to become better Makers.

  3. wradigan says:

    +1 for akiba!

    Being a Professional “Maker” isn’t necessarily about about VC’s or outside investment at all. It’s about “Making” for a profit. This newsletter would be even better if it included a wider range of perspectives on what it means to be a Maker. (Not just the latest venture-backed startup company from Boston or San Francisco.)

  4. Jan Shanahan says:

    Love everything about this newsletter!!! Keep it going, please!
    Would love to see more 3Dprinting projects/ideas.

  5. skaterj10 says:

    I really appreciate this Newsletter as it keeps me on top of what’s happening in the maker community from a top down perspective. I don’t know of anything quite like it and I look forward to a day where this newsletter could be its own MAKE magazine periodical. That being said, I do find it a bit lengthy as I really have to dedicate a noticable chunk of time to go through it. If the newsletter increased in frequency but in shorter bursts I think I may enjoy it that much more! Thanks for your efforts!

  6. planetj says:

    If there is a demand for it a ‘help wanted’ section would be great!
    The length is a bit long but the info is great.

  7. William A Larsen says:

    Extracrispy agrees with the topics, many are business related. After all if you have a good idea why not try to make some money! Many of us are interested in everything that pops up as the day goes on. Then you need some parts, have to design or ask someone else what they think. I was lucky to go to the Bay Area Maker Faire, a little more than bridge fare from Wisconsin, worth every cent. Only a fraction of the participants were even thinking of a product to market. Sources for materials, tools and advice will help no matter which direction you take. Don’t change just get better.

  8. Rich Beck says:

    I have generally been happy with the newsletter. The issue that got me to subscribe had a good article about sketchup.

    What would you like to see more of? Less of? HERE ARE MY ANSWERS.

    The business of making…MORE
    Crowdfunding trends…LESS…I am interesting in hearing about projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but have other ways of finding out about them.
    Profiles of professional makers…MORE
    Makerspace news…MORE
    Hardware startups…LESS
    New products and tools..MORE
    Technology and market trends…MORE
    Maker business strategies and tactics..MORE
    News from maker-oriented companies..MORE
    And how’s the length: too long? too short?…LENGTH IS GOOD.

  9. Jillian says:

    Some case studies of other companies that are self funded and doing well in the maker industry. People who sell products and have been able to keep all their production in house (or at least in America) and people who ‘make’ as a service. It would be great to see more companies like this that are not just one or two people, but retain a staff of 4 to 10 people. How did they grown to sustain their size, and what are their challenges.

  10. David says:

    Would love great “curated” “recommended by you” demo file links each month, for Makerbot 3D Printing, Shopbot CNC etc. Would love you to start an online grid that shows all the choices for printing an object through a service. (Price/Materials offered etc.) You keep giving great links and it’s getting tough to track them all.

  11. 1147jdrax says:

    I have to totally agree with akiba in the fact that it is more about making something than funding something. I have been in business for 45 years now and have found that if you find a need somewhere and then make something to fill that need….. then get a customer to buy the product, you have a good share of the battle won. From there you just invest what you made and do it again and again. Trying to get others to invest into your idea usually takes more time and effort that just starting small and letting your product market itself. You just have to know where to put the word out. More articles on how to market to the public would be a great help. I use forums very successfully by helping people with free technical support and advice on solving the problems they are haveing in my area of expertise. That opens the door for me selling products I make etc.
    I have watched for a lot of years how people focus all their energy on trying to get someone else interested in helping them instead of just getting out there and doing it themselves. The big advantage in this is also that you don’t have too many people to answer to when you have another idea. Too many investors are too worried in the risk involved. If I have an idea I believe in I tend to risk it all and make it happen. Most of the time it works.
    Keep up the good work and God bless.

  12. Jon says:

    I very much enjoy being kept informed of the big goings-on in the community.

    Love hearing of new tools and resources available that may be of interest.

    Actively updated lists of resources are exceptionally useful (like for Arduino shields)

    I am still interested in hearing of ways to obtain funding and possibly VC interest. Some projects are too big for one person to go at it and you have to be able to afford quality help. Many great ideas failed to go anywhere for lack of resources.

  13. Kevin says:

    The newsletter seems to me to be more about the current state of 3D printing from a hobbiest standpoint rather than something geared towards the crucial hardware startup questions. It’s important to know about the availability of tools, but 3D printing is just that, a tool. Things like finding customers, business partners, employees, and vendors are more important as a business owner.

  14. Gavin says:

    Again, the length is a bit long, and could you make it a bit more beginner-based?

  15. ARSHAN SHAIKH says:

    i would like to know about hardware startups,New products and tools,
    Technology and market trends

  16. Andrew Sleigh says:

    Hi, love the newsletter, very valuable.

    But it is very US-centric. I’d like to see much more international (and in my case, UK) coverage.

  17. James Coleman says:

    I really enjoy the newsletter. Its probably the best digest of information about making I’ve come across.

  18. J Ellis says:

    I would like to see info on
    3D laser sla design plans and how
    to mix and develop
    photopolymer resins.

    And also parts list and supply sources
    to build.

    And open source software for this type
    of system

    Finally , laser sources, where to source
    and what lasers at which wavelengths
    work best with which resin chemistry.

    Also any safety consideration
    while making and after part
    has been created. So safe.


  19. mad10000 says:

    Great newsletter. My sugestions:

    – Maker business strategies and tactics
    – The business of making
    (BUT not investors based: indie)

    – Crowdfunding trends


  20. JMS3DPrinting says:

    I am a relatively new “maker” having just bought my 3D printer last year and also am less interested in startup funding and perhaps more about advertising and finding the “killer app” project or item that will attract new business. I like the articles on 3D printing just so I know where the industry and competition are going. The length varies but I only look at those items that interest me so the titles generally tell me what I need to know and whether I want to keep reading. I do like to hear about the new tools and technologies that might be useful to me or a competitive way to achieve the same product I am thinking of, so it might impact my ability to sell something.

    The business of making…MORE
    Crowdfunding trends…LESS.
    Profiles of professional makers…???
    Makerspace news…MORE
    Hardware startups…ABOUT SAME
    New products and tools..MORE
    Technology and market trends…MORE
    Maker business strategies and tactics..MORE
    News from maker-oriented companies..MORE

  21. Brad Griffith CraftStick Bending says:

    Good Day D.C. Yes, stay the path..
    I’m the inventor Craft Stick Bending, the new wood craft of making toys, gifts, arts and crafts with craft sticks and craft woods. I do read your newsletter when they post and link to interesting stories attached. I’m interesting in robotics, programming and making homemade craft stick crafts creations move using robotics then share that How to details with the Makers. I have my own newsletter and also look for ways to keep customers interested. I have been in four Mini Maker Faires and have spoke to Dale Daugherty several years ago about the direction of my inventing and business plan. So I support the Maker movement. Yes stay the path on the newsletter.
    I would love to share our inventing story and new wood art with your readers. I’m also a supportor of the STEMtoSTEAM theme add art to the STEM fields. Would love to chat with your crew about our story..
    If I can post what we do here are our links. and YouTube channel
    http://www.USASTEAM.COM and USASTEAM facebook
    Thanks Brad Griffith Sequim WA USA

  22. Chris Quintero says:

    The business of making…More!
    Crowdfunding trends.. More!
    Profiles of professional makers….More!
    Makerspace news…More!
    Hardware startups…Much More!
    New products and tools….Same!
    Technology and market trends…More!
    Maker business strategies and tactics…Same!
    News from maker-oriented companies… More!

    Would love to see way less 3D Printing news/hype/etc.. Is it the Maker Pro newsletter or the Make 3D Printing newsletter?

    Keep up the great work

  23. Dan Gordon says:

    Very pleased with the coverage on the whole. I’m an investor and interested in investable businesses but also interested in broader trends and definitely sympathetic to the indie wing of the movement as well.

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