Maker Spotlight: Stefan Hermann of CNC Kitchen

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Maker Spotlight: Stefan Hermann of CNC Kitchen

First and last name

Stefan Hermann

Where are you located? 


What is your day job? 

Metal Additive Manufacturing Research Engineer

Youtube Channel | Patreon

What kinds of stuff do you make? 

3D Printing Stuff, Material Tests and 3D Printing Research

YouTube player

How did you get started making stuff? 

Bought a book about Arduino, purchased a stepper motor, thought about what to do with it and ended up building my first CNC Router from scratch.

What is something that you’ve made that you’re really proud of? 

DIY Universal Test Machine

What is next on your project list? 

Too many to talk about with too little to to bring them to life.

what is something you’d like to work with but you haven’t yet?

Professional Lab-Grade Test Equipment

Any advice for people reading this? 

Don’t procrastinate! Rather fail while doing something than not doing something at all. This is how we learn

,Did you set out in the beginning of your youtube channel for it to be a place for in-depth testing? If not, when / why did you shift?

No, I haven’t initially but since I’ve always been a huge fan of the YouTube education community I thought that maybe there are some others out there that find my investigation interesting and helpful. 4.5 years and 325k subscribers later, I know that there are. 

I see lots of custom jigs and measuring methods in your videos. Have you had to come up with these testing methods yourself or are they adaptations of industry methods?

 I’ve worked as a stress and research engineer for years and knew the methods from my professional work. Even though I’m not perfectly able to replicate all tests per ISO/ASTM standard, I at least try to stay as close as possible to get repeatable results.

Have there been any tests or results that really surprised you?

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Remelting 3D prints in salt was crazy and showed that you can basically get injection molding strength out of 3D prints if you heat parts up over their melting point in a lost salt mold. Still didn’t get around researching that even more. 

Is there a test you’d like to do but don’t have the capability or time to do it yet?

High-temperature plastics like PEI or PEEK are really hyped and I’d really like to test how those materials compare to our everyday printing materials.

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