Maker to Maker – Soldering on Make: television

In this Toolbox tutorial, Bianca Pettis demystifies the art of soldering as she applies it to circuit bending a keyboard to make bizarre sounds. Bianca is one half of the circuit bending band Beatrix Jar.

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14 thoughts on “Maker to Maker – Soldering on Make: television

  1. steve says:

    If you are going to teach people how to solder, you should do it right. Show how to really clean the tip of the soldering pencil. Show how to make a good mechanical connection before soldering. You owe it to your viewers.

    1. Mountain Gambler says:

      I watched this show thinking it was good program for my boy and I to enjoy. The host seemed to do a good job, but the soldering demo by Bianca is mediocre at best.

      Bianca starts her demonstration with “Now first you want to coat the surface of the spot you’re about to solder.” while putting on safety glasses.

      Just like good ole Norm (the New Yankee Workshop, not Cheers), I think emphasizing safety, and as stated before, proper technique and equipment maintenance are important.

      -The Mountain Gambler

  2. Anonymous says:

    sounds like soder, at least say it right.

  3. Bob D says:

    I wasn’t going to say anything but after reading your comment I have to say I totally agree with you. That iron was a poor excuse for a soldering iron and looked like a RadioShack special. Real iron tips don’t look like a burned twig. A mechanical connection is very important and should be done before soldering. Solder isn’t glue. Also there was no mentioning of the type of solder used for electronics work (63/37, NOT 60/40 that they sell at RS) and no mention of fluxes. This could be so much better.

  4. says:

    Soldering as is done in this demo is making what is called a cold solder joint. Over time this will cause issues.

    When soldering you are making an alloy of the metals involved.

    The best way to avoid cold solder joints is to just put the wire onto the switch terminal and use the soldering iron to heat both. Count 2 to 3 seconds than apply the solder. It will flow all through the terminal and wire and bond them as one.

    As for soldering irons, has a nice temp controlled 24V soldering station with temp readout for < $50.

  5. MakeMaker says:

    Whether or not you agree with her soldering techniques, you’ll enjoy seeing the circuit bending she and her partner do with every kind of electrical toy and keyboard…

  6. Eric V. Berger says:

    This is the worst demonstration of soldering I have ever seen.
    In the electronics profession people have been fired for less.
    Why are you still showing this abomination after three years ?
    I wouldn’t trust Bianca with a screwdriver and an outhouse.

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