Maker Faire: Bazzar Bizarre

I got a chance to take a quick shopping break this afternoon and I headed straight to Bazaar Bizaare. Here’s Nicole Vasbinder of Vinyl Frontier and Queen Puff Puff. Look for her sewing tutorials coming up this month on CRAFT!
Mf2010 Bb5 Sat
I picked up a cute vintage style intital + locket necklace from the ladies at Sora Designs.
More photos of crafty vendors after the jump!

Mf2010 Bb7 Sat
Eco-smart accessories from Eristotle
Mf2010 Bb2 Sat
Narumi Ogawa from Mr. Funky
Mf2010 Bb6.Sat
Martin Hsu Illustration
Mf2010 Bb8 Sat
Suffed Misfit