Maker Faire Detroit Detroit DIY Stage Schedule

Feel like putting your crafty thinking cap on? Join us on the DIY Stage, located in the Automotive Hall of Fame, this weekend at Maker Faire Detroit. We’ll have presentations every half hour.

Saturday, July 31
11 a.m. Citizen Commerce, Jules Pieri
11:30 AM Shelli Gutholm, Crafting hair pieces with feathers
12:00 PM Build a Biz from Junk Drawer Common Sense, Sarah Hodsdon
1-2 PM Hackerspace Panel
2:00 PM Austin Shyu, Paper Action Heroes
2:00 PM Tracie Lampe, Fusing Plastic
3:00 PM DIY Diversions, David Erik Nelson
3:30 PM Jaime Wolfe: DIY Garden Irrigation
4:30 PM Brookelynn Morris, XYRON demonstration
5:00 PM Lish Dorset/Nick Britsky: Pinata Carving Tips
5:30 PM Jeannine Gruska: Knitted Lace How-To
6:00 PM
6:30 PM Krystal Howarth, Glass Tile Pendants
Sunday, Aug. 1
12:00 PM Sarah Hodsdon, Build a Biz from Junk Drawer Common Sense
1-2:00 PM Laser Box Lunch Demo
2:30 PM Michael Kessler, Space as a Service: Adapting to the new system of work
2:30 PM Brookelynn Morris, XYRON Demonstration
3:00 PM Amanda Edmonds: Button Machines 101
4:00 PM Jaime Wolfe, DIY Garden Irrigation