MakerCon Preview: Localize Supply Chains with Maker’s Row

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MakerCon Preview: Localize Supply Chains with Maker’s Row
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Last week while in Brooklyn I spent a moment catching up with Matthew Burnett, CEO of Makers Row, the home of Made in America for the 21st century. Matthew explained to me that Makers Row, which is an online community for factories and suppliers across the United States, came from a need to simplify the American supply chain. He’s recognized through his own struggles as a fashion designer that overseas he was often the factories last priority. It was after a long search for the critical mass necessary to become a top priority that he realized “the best thing for me is to manufacture with someone who is closer to me.” He explains that by keeping manufacturing local he bypasses the problems of time zone, language, and culture.

Come meet Matthew at MakerCon in New York on September 24th and learn more from the many leaders of the New York manufacturing and making renaissance.

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