MAKE:Video – A Date with Peggy

After a frustrating day at the office, it feels good to go make something that simply works.
(playing with a bunch of ultra-bright LEDs doesn’t hurt either)

download the m4v file


Peggy v1.0 kit

20 thoughts on “MAKE:Video – A Date with Peggy

  1. Phillip Torrone says:

    great video collin!

  2. Marc de Vinck says:


  3. Limor says:

    this is the coolest thing ive seen in weeks, colin you rox!

  4. KipKay says:

    especially when you nodded off for a sec…I thought at the end there would be a shapely “Peggy” formed by the LED’s.

  5. Collin Cunningham says:

    @Kip – ha good idea! (sounds like you should make one next)

  6. Volkemon says:

    Hate to intrude on the meeting of the Mutual Admiration Society…

    Nice advert, marginal post. Looks like an in house crowd of cheerleaders.

    @Limor……best in weeks?!? I thought the life of an appliance tech was slow.

    I’m gonna watch it again before posting this to see what I missed…Done.

    OK…well done ad. The music- it has ‘grown’ on me- who is that?

    (once again…”text entered wrong”..WHAT *** TEXT?!? Try again…)

  7. Collin Cunningham says:

    @Volkemon – I did the music as well

  8. Constant Reader says:

    I’m with Volkemon regarding the mutual admiration bit. And I’m not a big fan of the creeping advertising here either.

    Though I have to say, Collin’s videos are really quite excellent on the whole. Stylistically, they remind me of Bre’s videos, but I got the sense from other videos that Collin’s alignment is more chaotic-evil (where Bre would have been chaotic-good). It’s a welcome sign that he is himself — I like Colin because he comes across as genuine, weird, and interesting.

    Kip, I’m sure you’re a hell of a nice guy, but the square disco-floor twinkly music intro at the beginning of your weekend project clips is at least 5 seconds too long and is not quite cheesy enough to be appreciated for camp value. It is not in the spirit of what makes this site great. Find a shorter, more interesting music clip. Make a shorter, more creative intro that takes some risks!

    I think you have responded to forum feedback and your videos have gotten better since you started. But from where I sit, it seems that Collin’s already got you pretty much beat in the on-camera department. And it’s not because he’s better looking.


  9. volkemon says:

    @Collin- Impressive. I’m sure that a music major would find fault, but it strikes a chord (sorry!) with me. The fact that you MAKE the music youself… nice touch.

    Don’t really know about that Bre-good you Evil thing however….

    Anyhoo…maybe it’s the ‘dark mystery look’ in your avatar…didn’t you have a different one before?

    Now…if I can get this posted without entering text wrong..What text? Who knows…

    (#2)nope. “Text entered was wrong. Try again.” At least I know to use the ‘back’ arrow, not return to the post link. Don’t have to type it all again…

  10. Phillip Torrone says:

    @Constant Reader – which video of bre’s do you think is “stylistically” like this one?

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