Making It Legal — A Meeting of the Minds

Making It Legal — A Meeting of the Minds

As a maker, you have some great ideas. You probably have some solid skills, too. You might be a welder, an electronics whiz, or a woodworker. Odds are, though, you’re not all of these things. If you want to turn your ideas into a successful business, at some point you’ll probably need help.


MAKE Volume 34: Join the robot uprising! As MAKE's Volume 34 makes clear, there’s never been a better time to delve into robotics, whether you’re a tinkerer or a more serious explorer. With the powerful tools and expertise now available, the next great leap in robot evolution is just as likely to come from your garage as a research lab. The current issue of MAKE will get you started. Explore robot prototyping systems, ride along with the inventors of the OpenROV submersible, and learn how you can 3D-print your own cutting-edge humanoid robot for half the price. Plus, build a coffee-can Arduino robot, a lip balm linear actuator, a smartphone servo controller, and much more

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