May is Geek Crafts Month!

CRAFT: Geek Crafts
Welcome, Crafters – both to May and Geek Crafts Month!

The word “geek” can describe a great many crafty themes, really. Geeky crafts might incorporate technology, as in Leah Buechley’s LED Tank Top. Or they might celebrate your most-loved movie, video game or TV series. Or maybe they just take something you dearly love and celebrate it in a fun and funny way.
That’s actually my favorite definition of the word “geek.” When we geek out on anything, whether it’s Star Wars or LEGO or plastic canvas, it means we love it with a special delight. And your trusty CRAFT contributors are delighted to dive into a whole month of geeky projects!
We’ll start with these POW! ZAP! Magnets, a project from Susan Beal’s new World of Geek Craft book – it’s coming up at noon today. And while we’re geeking out, we’ll also share some nice ideas and recipes for Mother’s Day and Springtime.

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