Meet the Monsters from CRAFT: 06

You’ve seen them on the latest issue of CRAFT: 06 — the fun, furry, colorful monsters that are featured in Moxie’s project, “Hand-Sewn Free-Range Monsters”. Luckily, I booked an appointment waaay in advance to catch up with the monsters and find out how life is treating these busy crafty creatures!
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And without further ado, here’s the interview with the monsters! Enjoy!
1) Now that you all are supermodel cover monsters gracing the latest issue of CRAFT: 06, how has fame been treating you?
Monster Mason Mason: I’ll take that one. I’d have to say that the fans are what this is all about. When I’m out at the grocery store, buying lemons or something, and some kid comes up and asks for my autograph, it feels great. That kid, he looks up to me, you know?
Monster Francis Francis: I don’t like to be bothered while I eat.
Monster Kenneth Kenneth: Why do you need lemons, Mason?
Monster Mason Mason: Jeez, it doesn’t have to be lemons — it could be any fruit, or vegetable, even. I just love making a difference.
2) Rudolpho, you make it all look so easy. How did you have the strength to hold up all your friends and still pose for the camera?

Monster Rudolpho Rudolpho: Thanks for noticing, Natalie. While handling that kind of weight and looking so freaking good would be catastrophic for the average monster, I’m not the average monster. I trained for…
Monster Todd Todd: Um, I’m really sorry to interrupt here, but that was done with wires. I don’t think you can lift 7 monsters when your “training” consists solely of reading sci-fi novels at the park. No offense, Rudolpho.
Natalie: Rudolpho, would you like to respond?
Monster Rudolpho Rudolpho: I guess I do remember some wires now that you mention it, but I still have a lump where Kenneth kicked me in the head and that has to count for something.
Monster KennethKenneth: I SAID it was an ACCIDENT!!
Monster Todd Todd: Anyway, do you know what it’s like to hang upside down for three hours? I swear, my hats wouldn’t fit for like a week after that.
3) Mason, you were selected to be the model for the project tutorial. How did you feel “exposing yourself” like that to the craft world?
Monster Mason Mason: You know, Natalie, I had to do some soul searching on that. It’s not easy to be that vulnerable, knowing that these photos are gonna be seen by the coolest crafters in the world. But the photographer and staff were really supportive. They explained that it was going to be tasteful, a crucial part of the tutorial. I figured, hey, I’m made of towels and stuffing, just like everybody else. What do I have to be embarrassed about?
4) Now that you’re famous, will there be any special appearances we can look forward to? Your fans want to meet you!
Monster Diane Diane: We love to bite the people, so…
Monster Bernice Bernice: You mean meet the people?
Monster Diane Diane: Oh, right. We love to meet the people, so we’re going down to Maker Faire in May. We’ll be there to accept hugs and candy and…
Monster Bernice Bernice: We’ll be there to say hi and spread the love. I can’t wait, but I’m not looking forward to the drive.
Monster Peter Peter: I call front seat!
Monster Rudolpho Rudolpho: No way!
Monster Bernice Bernice: Natalie, thanks for the chat and everything. I think it’s nap time.
Natalie: Thanks Monsters! See you at Maker Faire!
From the pages of CRAFT:06
Hand-Sewn Free-Range Monsters by Moxie, pgs 60-67. Preview the project in our Digital Edition or subscribe to CRAFT Magazine now for just $34.95 (US) a year!

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