Megabots Pulls the Plug, Puts Eagle Prime on eBay

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Megabots Pulls the Plug, Puts Eagle Prime on eBay

Megabots had an inspiring run, starting as part of a giant robot arm demo’d at Comic-Con, turning into a number of compelling crowdfunding and viral video campaigns, and leading up to a much anticipated but somewhat disappointing bout between their massive, $2.5 million robot and a Japanese counterpart.

Now, despite attempts to find a viable future after the closure of their production company, they’re officially calling it quits. Eagle Prime, their biggest, baddest robot, is listed on eBay (currently at $70,000 — a steal of a deal). Co-founder Matt Oehrlein explains it all in his latest Youtube video, stating that he’s passing the torch to someone else that can try to make battling robots a successful endeavor.

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Make: collaborated with the Megabots team through the years, with exciting (and hair pulling) demos at Maker Faire, as well as telling their tale as the cover story of Make: Volume 58. We appreciate their dedication to making an over the top builder’s dream a reality, and wish them luck on whatever comes next.

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