Modding the dollar bill

Modding the dollar bill

Libbill Students in Virginia have been trying to mod the dollar bill- Look at your one dollar bill. On the backside there is an eagle and a large green pyramid with the eye over it. Mr. Wright and his students thought that replacing this strange design with an abridged version of the United States Constitution encompassing the entire Preamble and a brief description of each of the seven Articles and each of the twenty-seven Amendments would serve many educational purposes. I’d like metric conversions and maybe a ruler running down the side too. Link.

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  1. gg2 says:

    This is a fantastic idea. In fact they should have multiple versions printed, some with the summary of the entire Constitution, some with complete individual passages.

    Pass this along to whatever blogs you subscribe to. Stir up some public opinions. As for the vending machine companies opposing the idea, all they have to do is another software update during any routine service call, which they’ve already gotten used to with all the other changes in the currency over the years.

  2. JohnKit says:

    I have a friend that, while in high school, would erase the image of Washington and carefuly replace it with either Opus the penguin or Bill the Cat. A beautiful bit of artistic experssion there, not that the lunch lady saw it that way but she did take the money as legal tender. I wish I still had one of those dollar bills.

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