Monome meets Thingamakit

Monome meets Thingamakit

Vimeo user barnone created a hybrid Monome/Thingamakit – the Bleepnome. There’s a lot going on in the above setup! He clarifies a bit –

Yeah the bleepnome has 2 photocell tenticles and 2 led tenticles. So it reacts to light on the monome to change either pitch or modulation. The multiscreen aspect of SevenUpLive lets me control the 40h lights from the 128. Mr Weevil is the redfaced box to the right which I just picked up used and feel extremely lucky as it’s a bugbrand audioweevil08 and they only made a few custom. So the combination of Spectralis, Bleepnome mixed and put through the AudioWeevil creates the madness. This is after just a few moments of experimentation. I can’t wait to try to create a real track with it.

Very cool kit mash-up. For the curious, the Spectralis is a synth/sequencer/filter bank, and the AudioWeevil08 from BugBrand is … well … awesome!

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