Mosaic Announces A Ton Of New Items Including Automation, Industrial Printers, and Multicolor 3D Printing Upgrades

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Mosaic Announces A Ton Of New Items Including Automation, Industrial Printers, and Multicolor 3D Printing Upgrades

Mosaic has already made a name for themselves in the 3D printing world due to their Palette system, which allows for multi material 3d prints using a standard printer.

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Today, they’re announcing a bunch of different items that are quite impressive. Targeting a few different markets, it looks like Mosaic is looking to start making a bigger impact in this industry.

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Lets start with the biggest item. The Array is a new product from Mosaic that is targeted at small manufacturing or educational locations. This system has 4 of the Element 3D printers (see below) located inside it. There is a robotic system for removing finished prints as well as full software systems for balancing the workload across the system.

You can access the que and various bits of information from your phone and the system is smart enough to attempt to restart failed prints and move files to printers that are loaded with the proper materials.

The Array starts at around $50,000 so you likely won’t see them popping up in people’s homes. However when you compare to any industrial system that has even a vaguely similar feature set, you’ll find that the price tag is actually on the lower side.

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Here’s a case study showing off one use of the Array.

Element HT

Mosaic’s entry into the standalone 3D Printer market is the Element. This printer is targeted at places that need high temp, multi material, and big size.

Element HT contains a 14” x 14” x 14” build volume (355mm). Element will come with a heated build platform up to 120C, and a nozzle of up to 500C and a a heated chamber of up to 80C.

The multi-material abilities of the Palette Pro are built into the Element and the extreme temps mean that the machine is capable of working with more industrial materials.

Element and Element HT will be available starting at $5,999 USD, and $9,999 USD respectively, and will begin shipping in November of 2021.

Palette 3 / Palette 3 pro

Palette, their multi material add-on got an upgrade too, pushing up to a whopping 8 different feeds together intelligently. The new Palette 3 and Palette 3 pro offer a slew of nice new features.

The Palette 3 still functions using a 4 spool system, allowing it to splice filament together intelligently to do multi-color or multi material prints. The pro upgrades this to 8 feeds.

The latest release integrates integrated Canvas Hub S, and allows you to send files and communicate with your printer and Palette without having to plug physical media like a USB stick into it.

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